Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clearly Lenz, Clearly a Great Deal!

I've been know to be impulsive. I am not going to deny that fact. I see something I want, and I need to have it that moment, or in five. I get something set in my mind and can't seem to kick it until its mine, all mine. So, I have been talking about getting a new pair of glasses( pair #3) and I specifically wanted that Buddy Holly style frame. You know? The ones all the cool kids are wearing.

While browsing on Twitter one day, as I do every day, I came across @clearlylenz and they were promoting these frames. I was so excited that I could easily pick the frame, send my prescription via email and have them shipped all for $70! I may have blacked out. Just like runners high, I also get shoppers high.

I paid my money and exactly one week later they arrived.

During this week of waiting though, I totally panicked. I didn't try them on and realized my impulse got the best of me. Friends actually said "Wow, you didn't even think you should try them on before you bought them?" People, I don't have time for this.

But, it had me thinking: As cheap as $70 is, its still $70. So when I did get them, I quickly took them out of the package and tried them on for all to see. What a hit! Perfect fit, perfect prescription and exactly what I envisioned. I love this website for all of their style options and the basic fact that they are the most affordable glasses I have found anywhere, hands down. So, here's me and my glasses. Whadyathink?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pretty Little Things from Canada, Eh?

Every so often I go back in my files and review past clients and designers that I met along the way. I have folders in my inbox of correspondence and also files on my computer with their collection at the time we were in contact. Its nice to see the progress made over the years ( assuming they grew, even if just a bit), and I like to check in with them, just to say hi and see how things are going. Kick PR doesn't solicit business, we have been lucky with that and work mainly on referrals. Its honestly the biggest compliment a gal could ever get! ( well, I like when people comment on my new shoes :)

A few weeks ago I was going through my inbox and came across correspondence with the designer Corrine Anestopoulos, behind the jewelry like Biko from Canada. Its funny how things work out, because I emailed her on a Tuesday and she emailed me back that day saying she was coming to NY for the first time in years the next day. Kinda crazy, I believe in more than just coincidence, and luckily so does she.

So, Corrine came in to my office and had her whole current collection as well as some pieces she was launching. She had been staying in Brooklyn for the week and hitting the pavement looking for stores to carry her line. Like so many fashion collections, its so much better to see things in person, especially a collection like this. I love this Biko line and I thought you would too, that's why I asked her to send me some images so I could show you my favorites. She had the whole collection laid out on the table, and I think I may have lunged for the earrings seen here. They actually come in a few styles ( click here). These earrings here will run you no more than $50, which is a huge bonus not only now, but always. Because even when times are good, who doesn't want a good deal? The glass encasing regal designs such as crowns, horses and crests just won me over from the start. Small and simple, but definitely pieces that stand out.

And then she pulled out her Clip Pendant Necklaces which she said have always been her best sellers because of their "multi style" (is this a phrase you ask? I am not sure, but its fitting at the moment). The pendant clips off and the chain is long enough to double up or wear single, and the pendant clips on wherever. My favorite is this one, the Triangle Horses Clip Pendant, for a whopping $69. Its a locket also, and I plan to put pictures of Elton in there, because as you know I am obsessed with Elton, my dog.

Biko is available online at and she uses PayPal that does the CAD to USD conversion for you. Easy breezy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lunch with Leanne ( Marshall, that is)

This is the first installment of Lunch with Leanne. However, Lunch with Leanne ended up being Coffee with Leanne, at 6pm. So, the name may change, stay tuned. The idea is to catch people up on what Leanne has been doing since her big win on Project Runway, Season Five. Shes made a big move to NY from Portland, and has some pretty cool things in the works. When you meet Leanne, you get a sense that she is truly, deeply in love with designing and she wants to be a designer, not a celebrity. That’s not the case with some other PR winners we know. I won’t name names, but you know who I am talking about. Fierce.

Kate: Hey Leanne! Thanks for meeting me for a quick chit chat. So, we are in Brooklyn, NY. Park Slope to be exact. And you just moved here from Portland, OR. How do you like our little city?

Leanne: I like it actually. I mean, the weather has been horrible, kind of like Portland, but I’m getting used to Brooklyn living. I think it’s hard to move anywhere; you have to start a new routine and get used to the new ‘hood. And of course I was a little homesick, but that went away. There is so much to see and explore here.

K: So, are you using your apartment as your studio?

L: I actually found an amazing studio in DUMBO. Its right under the bridge and the space is so inspiring. When I need a break, I walk down to Fulton Ferry Park and just take in the view. It’s amazing. That’s a change, having a studio. In Portland my apartment was my studio. I didn’t have enough money for a studio or supplies for that matter. Winning money gave me the ability to have a studio just for design!

K: So now that you have proven your design skills to all of America (yay!), what are your next goals?

L: GROW GROW GROW! I want to be in boutiques and also online stores. I’ve been thinking about putting my things up on Etsy again ( Do you Twitter? Follow @etsy). I was on there before the show and I really like that website. It’s hard though, and overwhelming, because in the end of the day I am just one person. The sales and outreach takes a backseat because I need to focus on designing. Right now I’m finishing up my collection for, and that’s taking a lot of time, but I am excited.

K: So, the Bluefly collection, what’s the going to be like?

L: It’s totally my design and creative vision, but made for the everyday woman who loves fashion. Often designers will create some seriously couture and intense pieces for the runway, but adjust them for the consumer market. There are eight pieces all together in this collection. Hopefully they will go live June 15th!

L: And after Bluefly I will totally focus on Spring '10, which is underway now. I am going to make sure I leave enough tim
e to design this collection so I don't get stressed and feel pressured under a deadline. As you know, I was sewing up until two minutes before the doors opened for Fall 09 presentation. I don't want that stress again. And I really want to show under the tents (Bryant Park) before it leaves that space.

K: Wow, that’s an awesome goal! How are you making that happen?
L: Well, I am trying to make it happen, it’s so hard though. It’s expensive and you need sponsors. I am in the process of finding sponsors and I would love to talk to any companies that would be interested in working with me for Spring 2010, because it’s going to be an amazing collection!

K: It must be kind of frustrating to see past winners, again, won’t name names, easily get sponsors and exposure when they didn’t really have to try? I don’t have to tell you that you are one of the best designers I have seen, and I get sad when I realize you have to try harder when your product is better.

L: Yeah, it’s annoying because I don’t have a loud, bold personality. Again, my goal for Project Runway was to gain exposure for the Leanne Marshall collection, not to become a celebrity. I’m just not interested. I do wish I had a little more of that “go getter” trait in me, because maybe it would be happening faster, but that’s just not me. So I look to people to give me that boost, and I’m working on finding those people to help me.

K: I think so many people would love to see you rise up in the fashion world, and who knows maybe someone will read this and reach out to help! You just never know.

L: Yeah, that would be great! I have to get out there and show people that I am a good designer and just need a little push to get ahead.

K: We all need that. As the Beatles say, “With a little help from my friends.” You can substitute “friends” with “sponsors.” Ha-ha. Ok, so leave us with a fun fact that no one knows about you.

L: Hmmm, ok I guess this was going to come out at some point! Well, you know how everyone hates doing laundry? Well I really hate it and I knew that when I was down to one or two pairs of underwear, I needed to do the laundry. Well, in an effort to push it off a little more, I decided to make my own. Yeah, I made my own underwear. Really uncomfortable and I seriously gotta give props to underwear designers/ makers. I failed miserably, but it put off the horrible chore for a couple more days.

Home-made underwear, that's a first! We'll be keeping you posted on Leanne's process of finding sponsors, Spring '10 inspiration and her other fun projects coming up! For more on Leanne, go to

Fashion shots done by amazing photographer named Caitlin Bellah. Her site is HERE.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Chic Behind

About a year ago, I was on PR Couture and read an article about a new website called Chictini. The reason it was featured on PR Couture was for its wonderful use in the PR world; it’s a new and innovative way to get buzz about the product you design or promote. I immediately started posting items from my clients and the responses were great. It’s a website that relies on voting by the members and people either click Chic or Weak next to the item you post. But no need to worry if you get some Weak hits, Meri Kate O'Connor explains why below. She also talks a bit about how Chictini came about and why its a useful resource for all!

Kate: Hey Meri Kate! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me about What exactly is your role there?
Meri Kate:(Pictured below): Well we all carry multiple hats but I am one of the senior content editors. That mainly entails scouring through the site to ensure the best user-generated content is being properly pushed to the community and seeking new trends, products, and even individuals that editorially we should be giving a spotlight to. In addition I also work on audience development and making sure our tight little community stays happy.

K: So, what was the idea behind launching I see it as a fabulous tool to create a buzz (aka PR) but I’m sure a site like this is useful for many things.
MK: Well Chictini started off as a fun little project amongst friends to get recommendations from others on what to get. We literally just wanted to find out some cool outfit ideas and see what clothes to buy. We always thought of the notion that you sometimes you don’t know what you want, until its presented in front of you. That’s why we felt Chictini could be an incredible resource for helping designers and accessory makers of all scales – it really puts eyeballs on their collections that otherwise they may not have gotten, in a very cost effective manner. But then we discovered Chictini can be used for so much more as the community really picked up on its own via word of mouth. We started getting not only general members sharing products, but designers themselves, stylists, retailers, buyers, publicists, marketers, media members, various socialites, and even random celebs. It was at that point we saw that our site was a great platform for not only social shopping, but an interactive medium for individuals to promote and understand the market in a whole new way.

K: I love the voting aspect of it, that way its not some club that people have to get accepted into, but you are getting actual people telling you what they like and what they don’t. Kick PR has posted several things on there that more often than not people Chic it, rather than Weak it, which is fabulous! Are people responding well to that type of grading system?
MK: Yes people are really passionate about the voting system! Even when an item a user submits gets “weaked,” they want to know about it! We always want our members to be confident in their tastes, but we also want them to prove their eye for fashion and get a real broad perspective. We’ve had users submit items because they wanted to get feedback before they actually purchased it, and we absolutely love how they are embracing the community opinion. So hey, if you get something “weaked” out, try again and submit something you feel will definitely top your last submission. The whole point is to better your focus and your fashion sense.

K: And do you have any idea how strong the clickthroughs are? Any way to track who clicks through and then buys?
MK: Our site alone generates a ridiculous amount of referring traffic to other sites each day and that’s not including our other media apps that are out there on blogs and social networks being used by our members. There’s definitely a correlation as to the more chic votes an item gets, the more clickthroughs it will receive. As for tracking and seeing who buys – unfortunately no. We leave that to the submitter to see how well they fared and to ID their links. But we have received many thanks from various members who did ID their submissions, in helping them get sales, so we’d like to think people are benefiting from our site.

K: I also think having the Chicbook is a great idea, because in the end of the day everyone wants to promote themselves, even if just a bit. Are people getting into that?
MK: Absolutely. People love showing off their style – come on, what’s the point of being fashionable if no one will see it? Our ChicBook feature has become very popular and many members are using on their own personal blogs and sites. Just like we want our members to show they know what items are hot, we want them to showoff they can rock the whole ensemble too! (Kate here: On the right here is a look I found on the Chicbook page that I quite like. You go girl!)

K: Have any editors gotten wind of Chictini yet? Started using it as a resource for their stories and features?
MK: Yes, while our site is mainly user-generated content, editors in the know have been using our site to find pieces for features because they are seeing what people are liking upfront, as well as individuals for possible styling features.

K: As someone who also writes for the blog, are there any standout designers you might want to mention here?
MK: Well 2009 is going to be very exciting and interesting because of the economic climate and designers are really going to have to strut their absolute finest. We think from an urban outerwear market, we have always been big fans of GlamourKills and think they are really on their A-game in catering to the youth, hipster market. Then we have up and coming Nary Manivong ( Kick PR FAV!) who really caught my eyes with his cute, yet bold cocktail pieces from his Fall 09 women's collection and is someone we are really pulling for to break through in 09. For the men, I really like Spurr’s upcoming pieces. A bit conservative but I think they have some great jackets that would be great on the boys.

Wow, this was really informative and I am so behind Chictini, 100%! I'm excited to see it grow and will of course continue to post all of the things I find in my fashion journey, clients or not! So, if you are into this type of buzz and fashion exposure, head over to and take a few minutes to browse and get an idea of what its all about.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Tunes for Spring Cleaning

If you are like me, every spring you toss out pieces of clothes that never should have been stored in the first place. In fact, after remembering that you never wore that red and black leather mini, you realize you shouldn't have bought it in the first place. But there's that nagging sidekick on your shoulder that says " But what if there is a party coming up where the theme is NASCAR? This would be perfect!" Well, I kicked that little lady off my shoulder this year for good and weeded out those demons.

Usually the bags of clothes I intend to give away to Salvation Army or Beacons Closet sit in my hallway for at least six months. No joke. So, when I found out that Felicia Sullivan, (author, fashionista and overall hilarious chica), was holding a clothing drive in May called Fashion For All, I kicked it into gear. It did take me a bit, but with more good music and some light dancing, I now have about three bags to donate for Fashion For All. Here is what I was listening to:

1) My Girls by Animal Collective
2) In a Daydream by Freddy Jones Band ( college anyone?)
3) Back Together by Citizen Cope
4) Automatic Stop by The Strokes
5) Right Here by Brandi (sigh...)
6) Princess Jean Jellypop by Scott Sullivan ( super fun, bobbed head)
7) Listzomania by Phoenix ( again, head bobbing)
8) Islands on the Coast by Band of Horses
9) Stir it Up by Bob Marley
10) Human by Killers

There were others that I am a little too embarrassed to post here, but you get the idea. Keep it light, keep it fun and it will go by super fast!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Man You Should Know: Jason Campbell, JC Report

Where does a trend come from? While many people just follow them, others wonder why all of the sudden everyone is wearing leg warmers. Aside from the hunch that everyone just happened to watch old episodes of Square Peg on the same day, it seems to come out of nowhere. But this is so not true, and to dive more into the world of fashion trend casting, I thought I would talk trendcaster extraordinaire Jason Campbell, founder and head writer of JC Report.
I met Jason at Emilio's Ballato- YUM- on Houston and Mott to indulge in some amazing Italian food and fashion secrets. We talked a bit about city living, world travel (more him than me) and the weather. I find him so fun and interesting and could have talked with him for hours about simple things like the beauty of waking up early in the morning, and getting a good night sleep. After our introductory chit chat, I got right into it and asked him to tell me all there is to know about international fashion trends:

Kate: So Jason, when was the JC Report started and why?
Jason: JC Report started in 2002 and came out of a column I did for Magic online ( for those who may not know, MAGIC is a the fashion industries leading trade show). Trend Cast was my column and it was targeted to vendors at the
show to guide them and give them cues for their upcoming seasons. Magic changed and I wanted to continue my voice so I decided to start JC Report. There was a need for this type of trend casting and I found that global information was the way of the future and the internet was going to be a very useful tool for this type of reporting. With the internetyou are connecting cultures and there are no boundaries any longer. So I wanted to let people know what was going on in international regions such as Australia, Brazil, Berlin and so on and the internet has been a wonderful tool for this.
Kate: You must see so much talent and design all over the world! Is it ok if I live vicariously through you?
Jason: Haha, sure! Yes so much! There’s talent abroad that is so amazing and fresh but people aren’t reaching for it; so not many people get exposed to such things.

Kate: That's a shame; some of the best talent is totally under the radar. In the newsletter and on the site, you report on the trends all over the globe which made me wonder, are you doing all of this traveling or are their JC Report informants?

Jason: It was really important for me to go at first and get that initial information. I was able to go to
those cities that I felt were emerging markets and I needed to go detect it myself. As the business grows it’s important to have a network worldwide to help. With all of my traveling, I developed this network by identifying people who can seek out that information and feed it back.

Kate: In your extensive travels and research, can you pinpoint where some trends start?
Jason: Trends are not scientific. You know, war can spawn particular trends in terms of how people want to dress. And the internet, that is like a behemoth of a thing that is going to spawn some trends. Then there ar
e more organic trends that are coming from the streets, and in that you have those individual trendsetters that really change things up and those kinds of people move trends forward. So, I say that trends really percolate from a variety of sources. Part of my work is that I try to detect very early on and forecast very early on when you see something what that may spawn. There are some formulas that you can use to detect, but also things just come out of nowhere.

One trend that Jason said completely blindsided him was the legging trend. For him (and me. My God move
on with this trend!) It spawned from the skinny jeans but he just didn’t see it coming to surface the way it has. I’m relieved that he’s just as bothered by this trend as I am, because it just seems so unflattering, weird and frankly I wish it would just go away. However, Lohan launched her own legging line, so this one might be here for a bit. As far as I’m concerned, leggings belong under ski pants.

Kate: Can you indulge me with some of your favorite designers and collections?

Jason: I have many favorites and there are many brands around the globe that I continue to champion. One of them is the designer of this scarf I am wearing (I had scarf envy the minute he walked in) called Material By-Product ( dress on left...)which is a design team out of Melbourne who are all professors at a University. I have been trumpeting their work locally in Australia, speaking with editors and trying to bring attention to their work. There is also there is another line out of Australia called BAsek who makes amazing tee shirts that are really well done, very cool and extremely approachable. And I’m like why aren’t these people blowing up
all over the world? And Isabella Capetto, who I really love and it’s a brand like that is not exposed expect for in Brazil. Same with Francesca Giobbi who makes the most AMAZING shoes (she used to work at Prada) but can’t seem to break out worldwide and we ask ourselves “why are these designers not getting the exposure they definitely deserve?”

Kate: I am so glad you brought this up because I wonder why it’s so hard for such talented smaller designers to break through the barrier. Why do you think it’s so hard for new designs to get recognition in the US?
Jason: Fashion is a club. The gates are only opened to those very sanctioned people and they have criteria for that. A lot also has to do with relationships and less on talent. As well, I find that a lot of editors don’t want to work so hard and go off script to find new stories and they don’t want to dig. And they don’t have to, they stay with the usually suspects and can do that.

Kate: Right, because things are placed in front of them like fashion weeks and showrooms, it’s much easier to work with what’s in front of them then to reach out and explore. That’s not to say this is the way it is with every editor, but for the ones who seem to have influence…

Kate: Can we expect a JC Report magazine?

Jason: I would love to do this, but not a monthly and I think it would be more special issues and curate issues for other entities. You know, JC Report is such a trusted voice that we are in a position to market anything to curate different things for other properties and that really interests me. We can customize different content for different channels.

To subscribe to the newsletter, or to follow the trend casting, go to

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Because Utah Loves Their Pageant Girls.

A few years ago, I had a client in the Active/ Outdoor market and they asked me to help out at the Outdoor Retailers (OR) show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Twice a year the fittest, tannest and most active people I have ever seen land in Salt Lake and take over the town. Brands like Patagonia, North Face, Polartec, Cliff Bar, 66 North and hundreds more present their upcoming collections. It’s awesome. Its so much fun and I wish I could just stay in that convention center for days on end and swim in the kayak pool, gather free samples of everything and anything, and make sure I get the free ice cream.While I was there, I headed out one day with a co worker and ended up in this strange, eerie place that was once a mall. The whole thing just screamed Hitchcock. I was OK because I spent most of the time in the lone remaining department store, Neiman Marcus. As we were walking down the hallway of hell, we walked by this store oozing bright colors, polyester and sequins. This was a pageant store, and I had to go in. The trick was to head on in there and try some dresses on without ever laughing. This was no task for me. My whole life I have played dress up. Starting at age 8, I would go into the local bridal boutique with my friend Meghan and try to convince the women in the store that I was getting married and needed to try on the dresses. I always thought I just was an amazingly mature looking kid, but I think the clerks were just bored and perhaps found slight entertainment in my efforts. And now as I look back, I am a little embarrassed.

Anyway, I digress. So I was up for this challenge. I pulled out several dresses with the help of the excited women in the store. Yes, there were women, not woman, involved with this. A few of them thought it was so great that I needed a pageant dress (Yup, I told them I was entering a pageant). I decided I needed some chiffon and beads. Here is what I was given:I kind of like the pink look. But I worry when the talent portion of the show arrives, the taffeta at the bottom might get stuck in my roller skates. No?

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Don't Mean To Be Judgmental, But...

I will just say straight up, I don't like Brooklyn Industries. I am sure they offer some great things for a certain style, but I just really cant stand that store. I used to enjoy stores like BI, H&M and Forever 21, however, as the years have gone by and Kick PR has had the honor to meet/work with emerging designers who actually hand make ( and design)their pieces, stores like this make me cringe. Actually, I probably could be called a snob, and I guess that's OK with me. What can I say? I like the finer things. ( My bank account and I need to discuss this and get on the same page...)

I walked by the Park Slope location this morning and stopped at the window and just stared. Not because the outfit on the mannequin was so fabulous, more because I cant believe people get PAID to style mannequins like this:

I am trying to understand how this outfit was approved. How did this slip by management? Did the stylist think, "So purple and yellow looks great together, and I think we have some leftover trashy fishnets that we need to get rid of, so... lets just pair that right up and put it front and center!"

Again, I don't mean to be super duper judgmental and rude, but isn't this just atrocious?

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Boyfriend CallsThem Mummy Shoes

So, I bought these shoes last week and have been non stop justifying the purchase to anyone who will listen. You see, $179 may not be a lot for you or in general, but when you run a business and have things like taxes, office rent and messenger services, shoes should be last on your list. But since I work in fashion, I feel it is my duty to stay in the know and to walk the walk (pun totally intended.) So, my justification for the purchase is this blog. Its part of my work. I needed to buy these Everybody Gladiator Shoes so I could share them with you and inform you.

I walked by the store about five times and finally decided to go in and "take a look." My head was saying, "Kate, just walk in, browse, and walk out. KATE! WALK IN- BROWSE- AND WALK OUT!!!" But then I saw them and I was done. It was almost this out of body experience where I asked the clerk for a size 7 and next I knew I was smiling and laughing and saying "And I have the perfect outfits to wear these with!"

The leather is amazing, fits like a glove AND there is a chic zipper up the back that just adds a touch of sexy.

So, I took a picture and sent to my boyfriend. I knew it wouldn't reach him in time to stop me ( I am a true addict, I know the tricks). Bought the shoes, went back to see him and asked what he thought about my new zapatos. The email got to him, yes, and he responded a little too late with, "They look like mummy shoes." Well, I guess he wont be wearing them... more for me.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Greetings from Brooklyn: Hayden Harnett

I kind of feel like my head has been buried in the ground, seeing as I recently found out about Brooklyn based
Hayden Harnett. I am a little embarrassed, and frankly for someone who surrounds herself with emerging fashion, my late discovery of this is unacceptable and I apologize.

I actually found HH on twitter, who is super fun to follow using @hayden_harnett. It's all about fashion; specifically their fashion. They post fun and energetic 140 character notes AND they actually engage and respond to their fans, unlike some people I know…wink wink @aplusk. I find them really smart the way they use Twitter with their daily sales and most recently their charity auction. And they offer deals to their Twitter followers that they don’t offer to the general public. I feel like I am part of a secret club that I didn’t have to pay dues for. I find this with @JetBlue also, I was alerted about their $39/way one day deal about 2 hours before I got the email newsletter.

So it was from one of these tweets from HH that I heard about their 50% off all of the print travel items. And, as a gal who travels and likes to look chic doing it, I went down to their Greenwich Street store and purchased the Lisbon weekend bag, which is roomy enough to pack for a week, not just a weekend. ( Sale is over, btw.)

I was so pleased with the store and my bag, that I have been on and off their website incessantly for a bit now. Ben and Toni are the two designers, who live in Brooklyn (hollah!) with their two cats. They have their cats bios on their About page, which shows me Ben and Toni are pretty cool cats too. I think they design a great collection and a lot of it at that! A few pieces that have been popping up in my head like a junior high crush are the
Maia Jumpsuit, Leda Bikini, and the Helena Wrap Dress.

Last year I gave myself the green light to wear a jumpsuit after I saw the Rogan for Target piece. And I’m happy that I have accepted this style, because I really love the flowy, girly and silk aspect of the Maia Jumpsuit. I also love that this item is not limiting. This isn’t your Dickies gas station jumpsuit that looks cute ONLY while you’re cleaning the kitchen with a bandana.
The Maia is perfect for so many occasions, and that’s what I look for in my clothes; something that I can wear to work, out at night, at special events or not so special events. With a solid piece like this you can accessorize until the cows come home, or leave it be. Either way, it’s a hot piece and could be a staple in your closet. As I write this there are only four pieces left, so hurry soon and click here.

Next up is from the swim category. Seriously, I hate bathing suit shopping. I think things are boring and its either halter, bandeau or a few more styles that look horrible on me. I humored myself a few months ago and went on their swimsuit page. I actually loved the fact that they only have a few styles and each one is fab!
The Leda Bikini is my favorite; it’s so classy and very much something I think my mother would have worn when she was in her twenties and flirting with the lifeguards at the beach with her girlfriends. And it must have worked, because she married one. I bet she would have worn this suit, I just know it! And as I have a serious appreciation for vintage style and influence, the Leda would work very well for me. Often I find myself complaining about low rise this and low rise that. I constantly feel like my bathing suit bottom slides off as the day goes on, and that’s also why this piece was intriguing. The bottoms on the Leda are not going anywhere, so beach Frisbee here I come!

And last but definitely not least is a little black dress, revised. I used to trash talk the color black and how many people can’t get creative and find a real color to wear out at night. Its always just black with black shoes and sometimes, even worse, hot pink pleather heels. Ok, I am done being rude and will be sent to hell in one moment, but let me just finish talking about this Helena Wrap Dress. This is a washed silk piece with flirty cap sleeves and a tiered skirt all pulled together with a long ribbon like belt that can be tied up front, back, side...Again, as I get older and my style turns more towards solid quality pieces with good design, a dress like Helena catches my eye for so many reasons. I love its girlie flowiness and the simple fact that you put on this dress and its instant style. Cant you totally see this with sandals, heels, flats, wedges and maybe even a cute scarf up top as the sun goes down?
I sure can.

I recommend following this line on Twitter and also checking out their extensive collection at

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Window Shopping with Adriana Carador

As a designer, I imagine you would want your line to be carried in the best stores, and even better, featured in the windows. Maybe if you work hard enough and your collection truly impresses, the first one comes true, but the second is a bit harder to pull off. Unless you are Adriana Carador.

As the buzz continues to grow around this collection, more and more influential people want to be part of the success, including the buyers at Fragments. The collection started out at the SoHo location, and if you consider shopping your hobby, you know that's an area with some of the best.

And as of last week, the Adriana Carador collection was added to the Madison Avenue location, where not only is it displayed in the store, but also in the windows! In the top photo you can see the Star Pendant front and center, surrounded by the Leite Cuff (Audrey Magazine, January), Leite Earrings, Anjo Earrings and over there on the left, one of my favorites, the Blossom Ring ( Modern Bride, March).

And seen in this window is the Cupilha Pendant, Twist Earrings (D Magazine) and Briollet Ring. Yes that big fabulous piece on the right is a ring! All of these pieces are available for purchase at the Fragments store at 997 Madison Avenue and