Saturday, April 4, 2009

Greetings from Brooklyn: Hayden Harnett

I kind of feel like my head has been buried in the ground, seeing as I recently found out about Brooklyn based
Hayden Harnett. I am a little embarrassed, and frankly for someone who surrounds herself with emerging fashion, my late discovery of this is unacceptable and I apologize.

I actually found HH on twitter, who is super fun to follow using @hayden_harnett. It's all about fashion; specifically their fashion. They post fun and energetic 140 character notes AND they actually engage and respond to their fans, unlike some people I know…wink wink @aplusk. I find them really smart the way they use Twitter with their daily sales and most recently their charity auction. And they offer deals to their Twitter followers that they don’t offer to the general public. I feel like I am part of a secret club that I didn’t have to pay dues for. I find this with @JetBlue also, I was alerted about their $39/way one day deal about 2 hours before I got the email newsletter.

So it was from one of these tweets from HH that I heard about their 50% off all of the print travel items. And, as a gal who travels and likes to look chic doing it, I went down to their Greenwich Street store and purchased the Lisbon weekend bag, which is roomy enough to pack for a week, not just a weekend. ( Sale is over, btw.)

I was so pleased with the store and my bag, that I have been on and off their website incessantly for a bit now. Ben and Toni are the two designers, who live in Brooklyn (hollah!) with their two cats. They have their cats bios on their About page, which shows me Ben and Toni are pretty cool cats too. I think they design a great collection and a lot of it at that! A few pieces that have been popping up in my head like a junior high crush are the
Maia Jumpsuit, Leda Bikini, and the Helena Wrap Dress.

Last year I gave myself the green light to wear a jumpsuit after I saw the Rogan for Target piece. And I’m happy that I have accepted this style, because I really love the flowy, girly and silk aspect of the Maia Jumpsuit. I also love that this item is not limiting. This isn’t your Dickies gas station jumpsuit that looks cute ONLY while you’re cleaning the kitchen with a bandana.
The Maia is perfect for so many occasions, and that’s what I look for in my clothes; something that I can wear to work, out at night, at special events or not so special events. With a solid piece like this you can accessorize until the cows come home, or leave it be. Either way, it’s a hot piece and could be a staple in your closet. As I write this there are only four pieces left, so hurry soon and click here.

Next up is from the swim category. Seriously, I hate bathing suit shopping. I think things are boring and its either halter, bandeau or a few more styles that look horrible on me. I humored myself a few months ago and went on their swimsuit page. I actually loved the fact that they only have a few styles and each one is fab!
The Leda Bikini is my favorite; it’s so classy and very much something I think my mother would have worn when she was in her twenties and flirting with the lifeguards at the beach with her girlfriends. And it must have worked, because she married one. I bet she would have worn this suit, I just know it! And as I have a serious appreciation for vintage style and influence, the Leda would work very well for me. Often I find myself complaining about low rise this and low rise that. I constantly feel like my bathing suit bottom slides off as the day goes on, and that’s also why this piece was intriguing. The bottoms on the Leda are not going anywhere, so beach Frisbee here I come!

And last but definitely not least is a little black dress, revised. I used to trash talk the color black and how many people can’t get creative and find a real color to wear out at night. Its always just black with black shoes and sometimes, even worse, hot pink pleather heels. Ok, I am done being rude and will be sent to hell in one moment, but let me just finish talking about this Helena Wrap Dress. This is a washed silk piece with flirty cap sleeves and a tiered skirt all pulled together with a long ribbon like belt that can be tied up front, back, side...Again, as I get older and my style turns more towards solid quality pieces with good design, a dress like Helena catches my eye for so many reasons. I love its girlie flowiness and the simple fact that you put on this dress and its instant style. Cant you totally see this with sandals, heels, flats, wedges and maybe even a cute scarf up top as the sun goes down?
I sure can.

I recommend following this line on Twitter and also checking out their extensive collection at

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