Monday, April 6, 2009

My Boyfriend CallsThem Mummy Shoes

So, I bought these shoes last week and have been non stop justifying the purchase to anyone who will listen. You see, $179 may not be a lot for you or in general, but when you run a business and have things like taxes, office rent and messenger services, shoes should be last on your list. But since I work in fashion, I feel it is my duty to stay in the know and to walk the walk (pun totally intended.) So, my justification for the purchase is this blog. Its part of my work. I needed to buy these Everybody Gladiator Shoes so I could share them with you and inform you.

I walked by the store about five times and finally decided to go in and "take a look." My head was saying, "Kate, just walk in, browse, and walk out. KATE! WALK IN- BROWSE- AND WALK OUT!!!" But then I saw them and I was done. It was almost this out of body experience where I asked the clerk for a size 7 and next I knew I was smiling and laughing and saying "And I have the perfect outfits to wear these with!"

The leather is amazing, fits like a glove AND there is a chic zipper up the back that just adds a touch of sexy.

So, I took a picture and sent to my boyfriend. I knew it wouldn't reach him in time to stop me ( I am a true addict, I know the tricks). Bought the shoes, went back to see him and asked what he thought about my new zapatos. The email got to him, yes, and he responded a little too late with, "They look like mummy shoes." Well, I guess he wont be wearing them... more for me.

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