Monday, January 26, 2009

Day to Night Style by Studio 28 Couture

This lovely lady is looking good at work! Maybe she's in advertising, or she's a chic fashion editor. Maybe she's a lawyer or maybe she works in finance. Either way, this gal designed her dress from Studio 28 Couture and styled it chic and appropriate for her day job.

And when the day is done, she's off with her friends for a drink, or dinner or a show. Same dress, different look, no fuss!

She is wearing the Picnic in the Park Skirt, Bateau Top, and Clay Royal Garden Fabric with Black Trim.

Build your dress at I dont know about you, but I like to have a little of my own touch to my outfits!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Colorful Bubbles

I am always on the lookout for statement pieces of clothing and accessories. As I get older and my style evolves, I am looking for long lasting pieces with effortless style. I have never been one to rush out to get the next leg warmers or buy La Lohan's latest leggings. No thank you, I fly solo on style, and I think I do a pretty swell job.

So, I saw this Bubble necklace by Objets d'Envy and thought "what a smart, fabulous and fun piece for this Spring/ Summer!" At first sight, it reminded me of this figurine my mom used to have of a clown holding balloons. That clown was always around and from such a young age I just loved the colors of the balloons and the clown just looked so happy! This Bubble necklace reminds me so much of that! Worn here with a white tank, its made with large crystal globules in cheery hues that are suspended from gold-filled links. Cant you just see this over a summer dress, tube top, flowy v-neck blouse and so much more? Or, you could wear nothing at all, what a statement that would make! Soon to be at