Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chloe & Reese Shopping Event

What's better than fancy clothes and jewels around the holidays? Nothing! Come help us get ready for the craziness of holiday season with Victoria Flores and Adriana Carador ( designers of Adriana Carador Collection) who are hosting the Chloe & Reese shopping event on Tuesday, November 5th. Chloe & Reese clothing is available at Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus and Anthroplogie but they will have amazing prices for the ladies that evening. The coats are gorgeous and the dresses are divine!

And being as its the day after the election, you made need a few beverages to take your mind off things... Contact if you are interested in attending!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kick PR Interview: Crosby Noricks of

I came across PR Couture a couple of years ago and have been a true fan ever since. It’s hard for me to keep up with all there is to know about PR, and I find that with PR Couture I’m getting tips and strategies all the time. Crosby Noricks, founder of PR Couture, is one of those people who you feel like you have known forever. She lives in San Diego, I live in New York, yet I feel as though we are right down the street. PR Couture went through a little makeover, and has added a few different sections to it that not only help people who are in the industry, but also helps people find jobs, post jobs and offers tricks on how to get into the PR industry ( tip #1, grow a very very thick skin).

Ok, so I follow Crosby on Twitter ( if you are one of us Twitter People, you can follow @PR_Couture for her updates, and mine at @kickpr.) and she seems to really have her finger on the pulse , and she must be doing something right because she has close to 800 people following her updates! So, I wanted to ask her a few questions, get inside her head and give her a chance to share her pearls of PR wisdom with us. So, here it goes:

KickPR: PR Couture stands out for many public relations professionals, specifically in fashion. Did you start it because you felt there was a lack of focus on this area in particular?
Crosby: I think I have always had a penchant toward creating and building communities. In high school and college I moderated a few forums for girls online (fashion, poetry forums) and actually attempted my first social network concept - an online collective of sorts called MessyCloset back in 2001, featuring the profiles and resumes of creative friends of mine (writers, models, musicians) looking for work after college - before Facebook or Linked In provided a means to promote yourself online. Looking back, I can see that PR Couture was born out of a similar desire to create community online .When I was researching fashion PR as my thesis topic for my MA - there wasn't really much showing up - either on Google, PR trade mags or academic journals. The idea that fashion PR wasn't "real PR" showed up in PR academia, when discussed at all, in dismissive remarks about its publicity focus. All this ignores the fact that industries like fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle PR are where a majority of current PR students want their careers in - why are we so attracted to these fields, does the definition or actions of PR fundamentally depend on the industry in which you perform them? Is it possible to perform two-way symmetrical communication in the fashion industry - where can we find examples of this and what is the outcome? All these questions evolved into PR Couture.

K: Wow, you did put a lot of thought into it, and I am glad you did. Great websites come out a lack of focus in the masses, and it just takes someone like you to put it up and get it going! Are there any websites out there that try and compete with PR Couture?
C: When I started PR Couture back in December, 2006 very few PR agencies were blogging; social media had yet to throw the entire profession into a communal freak out and besides Pierce Mattie's The Fashion Rag, there were no blogs talking about fashion PR. Now there are several PR agencies who keep a company blog and there are a few people working in the profession keeping personal blogs, or students who are look at fashion or consumer PR. However, I don't feel any real direct competition - PR Couture isn't affiliated with any agency and attempts to be more like an online trade pub specifically for fashion PR.

K: Well, in my book you've got no competition; I’m all yours. So, I know I was so excited when I came across your site a few years ago, do you get a lot of positive feedback from PR professionals and also, fashion professionals?
C: I hear lot of feedback second-hand. Someone was at a party and my blog came up, or someone references it on their own blog, giving it accolades. I have gotten a few emails letting me know that I have inspired others to create their own agencies, or break out as a solo practitioner. Most of the positive feedback I get comes from students who are thankful for the insight, and I work hard to take time to answer their questions and give them the opportunity to write for me to build their portfolio.

K: I think it’s so great you are reaching out a hand to people new in the workforce. I actually interviewed a girl that writes for you, I wanted to hire her so badly, but it’s just not in the cards for my company right now. But I see she writes great article on PR Couture and that makes me so happy! You cover many different categories on PR Couture, and you offer articles that can be helpful to more then just people in the industry. When you started out on this website, was it mostly articles on PR and then expanded?
C: About a year in, I did have a little sit down with myself and thought about all of the different things we cover and if that made sense. I have since tried to pare down to essential categories. Primarily, PR Couture features interviews with practitioners or those doing innovative things in the space. In addition we cover fashion PR agency news, events and share fashion PR tips and strategy. I have also made it a point to bring in other experts to write posts and to keep tabs on the fashion blogger vs. PR struggle, which has definitely evolved as bloggers have been recognized for their influence and PR has made adjustments. It's not a perfect relationship by any stretch, but the awareness is there.

K: You also have job boards, and intern listings... what is the success rate of that, are people using that to get work or connect?
C: The job boards are somewhat successful - it seems to go in waves. One of the ways I feel comfortable monetizing the blog is through job postings because of the qualified leads a job posting on PR Couture can generate. I also promote our job listings through Facebook, Twitter and a special blog post, so I feel like the $25 is worth it! I haven't heard anything directly but have had some repeat companies, so I am assuming that they felt it was worth their while.

K: You have an extensive background in Public Relations, is fashion pr what you love most?
C: Fashion PR makes sense to me; there is no stretch to understand the product or its benefit. I know the space and I know who the influencers are and well, we speak the same language. With other clients I can learn about the product and I can find a place to be passionate, but for some reason in fashion PR it’s when the ideas flow and I find my stride. I think what I most enjoy about all PR however, is the opportunity to work with clients that I respect and believe in - helping brands I love succeed, making connections for them and enabling them to grow and sustain their business has great fulfillment for me. I think this is a key feature of how I work - I don't aim to do PR for the love of PR. PR for me has always been about my clients, about using my skills to help them succeed.

K: I couldn’t agree more. I get excited for my clients, and I want them to grow and be successful. For you and me we are lucky we get to work in a field that we know and love, most people don’t get that.

K: So, to give us a taste of what people might get from reading PR Couture, what would you say are the top 3 mistakes that many PR professionals often make?
C: 1-Treating journalists like zombies from outer space instead of normal people trying to do a job and get home in time to watch Mad Men, just like you.2-Promising clients the moon with a dash of Oprah when they'll be lucky to get on a local morning show. 3-Forgetting to put as much time into their own brand as those of their clients.

K: So true! If people don’t know your PR firm exists, they won’t know your clients exist!

K: So, tell us what’s it store for PR Couture (ooh, that rhymed!)
C: Well, we just launched the Fashion PR Podcast, taking us into audio territory, which is fun and nerve-wracking - I don't think anyone likes listening to themselves recorded! I am also about to launch a new feature called Show Me The Pretty, which will allow me to engage directly with independent fashion designers, asking them 5 questions about their line and then they get to ask 5 questions of PR Couture. I'm excited about this because all the focus on PR often takes away from my ability to feature all the brands I covet! Also been playing around with a new layout and have recently brought on some additional writers to help with the content. I would love to hear what readers about how they would like to see PR Couture evolve - open to anything. Send suggestions to or follow us on twitter @pr_couture.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Necessary Accessory: The Belt

Well, summer is actually gone. For most people, this fact was made clear in late September when they pulled out their winter wardrobe and stored the flowing dresses and cute tanks. This realization however didn’t occur to me until this week, when the temps dropped in my house to below 25, or so it seemed. So I finally stored my summer duds and pulled out the winter collection; it’s always such a nice surprise when you find things you forgot you had! One big change for me this year has been my incorporation of belts by Ann Lansing. While I was pulling out the many pairs of pants I own for winter, I recalled wishing them having a nice belt to pair up with, but didn’t have one at the time.

I've been experimenting this summer with how to wear a belt ( i.e. on jeans, high waist pants, over sweaters, etc...) and I am more than excited to pair up her belts with the dresses and heavy garments. I can tell you this Wave buckle paired with the brown/ tan strap will be getting a lot of use. I have some fantastic pair of wool Michael Kors bellbottom pants in a plaid that are screaming for this belt. I urge you all to reconsider the belt as a necessary accessory, because it really is.

All of Ann's belts can be found at And if you live near or around the Darien, CT area, pop by the Darien Sport Shop for her trunk show premiering all of her current and future belt collections! Ann Lansing Trunk Show, October 25th. Darien Sport Shop.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kick PR Favorite: IDOM Collection

As many of you know, last year we worked with Portland Fashion Week , the first and largest sustainable fashion week in the world. I was hoping to make it out there for Spring 2009 Collections, but a last minute business trip came up and I was in Northern California for the week it was going on. There have been some great resources for reviews and photos, but still, it's not the same.

Last year, in addition to meeting Leanne Marshall, I also met Modi Soondarotok, the brilliant and very talented designer behind the collection IDOM. When I first saw her collection, I was immediately taken with the fun details and her choice of colors. I never in my life thought I could wear a chartreuse pleated skirt, but it happens to be one of my favorites and most popular piece in my wardrobe! What I saw at PFW was her Spring 2008 collection which featured ornate details like her black velvet skirt which was hand embroidered by the Hill tribe people up in the hills of Northern Thailand, ( in photo on left). You won’t find this in H&M people, you just wont.

Her history in design and fashion is colored with experience at Parsons, working with designers like Peter Som and Twinkle and her travels to Egypt, Israel, Australia, Europe and Asia which inspire her look and the detail she adds into her pieces.

Modi is another client in which we work in a smaller capacity, and again in trade. It’s another designer who stands out in my mind and should stand out in others. We speak often and recently she shared with me her Spring 2009 pictures. This collection, which will be available in March/April, calls out some interesting and unique mixing of fabrics. There are twenty five pieces in this collection and they feature some of Modi's favorite fabric such as hand loomed Thai silk and cotton, Italian and French lace, and graphic and floral printed silk from Japan. Lace plays a big part in her collection; Modi appreciates its femininity in various colors and how it has been used throughout history. She was also intrigued by the construction of the lace and by its texture, which you can see she works wonders with.

On a personal note, Modi dedicated this collection to her mother, grandmother and all the women who have made such a significant impression in her personal life. When designers like Modi take the time to put meaning and soul into their collection, you can bet that it will be some of their best work. For the current collection and to see what is sold at the IDOM boutique in Portland, log onto Spring 2009 will be available in Early 2009.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kick PR Alumni: Leanne Marshall

Last year I contacted Tito Chowdhury of Portland Fashion Week and expressed my interest in doing their PR, pro bono. Why you may ask? You are not alone. As a small business owner, I often get told that working with designers on trade, or offering lower rates to struggling designers won’t get me anywhere. And as often as I hear this, I can’t resist my instinct, which tells me to go with my gut, and stand behind what I believe in.

Portland Fashion Week was the first and largest sustainable fashion week in the world. Ever. It was to be held in October 2007 out in Portland, Oregon. The designers participating were from Portland, but not limited to. Designers such as naturevsfuture ( NY), Lara Miller ( Chicago), Izzy Lane ( UK), Stewart Brown ( CA) agreed this was a fantastic platform for their collections, and happily signed on to be part of it. I wanted to be part of this fashion week because I am a big supporter of emerging fashion and now there was an event that celebrated eco friendly emerging fashion. I couldn’t resist.

Part of my PR efforts for PFW before the event was to chat with the designers and get a feel for their line and their collections up to that point. I would create email campaigns with designer profiles and send out to editors to let them know that this was no hometown granola fashion show ( I believe Fern Mallis of IMG said something in the Oregonian about Portland Fashion Week including granola and flannels). So my mission was to prove them wrong, which I did.

The whole point of this post is to point out one of the designers I was obsessed with, and told her I would do her PR. I knew she didn’t have money at the time, and it was another case of going with my gut and supporting a designer I feel could make it big. The designer was Leanne Marshall, and if any of you watch Project Runway or read the papers, you will know she was a contestant on the show, and just claimed the winning spot last night. It was a tough night for me; the stress of the debate and watching the show had my stomach turning into the wee hours of the am!

A funny note about is that this summer a magazine had asked to use Leanne’s pieces for a photo shoot when I asked her to send samples, her response was very sweetly, “ I cant, I am going away for a long time and I don’t have the time to get samples out.” I was a little confused because that’s what a designers dream is, to get press, so you can imagine my being thrown. So, she did was she said, and went away. For a while. And then, in August I read the Chicago Tribune article listing the contestants of the new season of PR. I nearly fell off my chair! I texted her and emailed her right away, and we got big kick out of it. Obviously she was bound to secrecy and wasn’t able to tell me where she was going. She told me she was dying not able to tell, but my god that girl can keep a secret!

Leanne is one of my all time favorite designers. I come in contact with so many new faces (hence the Kick PR tag line ‘Fresh Faces. Stylish Stories.”) and her collection has continuously had me swooning. I have a few custom made pieces from her, in exchange for my services and even in tough financial times, I refuse to sell what is now a Leanne Marshall original! I knew the minute she started designing on that show; Michael, Heidi and Nina were going to see what I saw; A fun, sweet, humble girl and one of the best designers to come onto the scene in a while. Pictures on the right and below are from her show at PFW, Spring and above is one of my favorite looks from her most recent collection which contributed to her win on PR. I am SO proud of you Leanne, you deserve the moon and the opportunity to design it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kickstart J'adore: Party Noire

Who doesn't want a classic LBD to wear to a party? I came across the label Party Noire and fell in love with this collection of simple, yet edgy black dresses. A black dress is an absolute staple in any fashionista's closet, but to stand out of from the rest and break up the monotony an LBD can bring, Party Noire's collection brings a breath of fresh air to something that can be so repetitive.

Party Noire was started by designer Alina Cosma. The collection shows off Alina's signature style, a style that dares to be different with its edgy structural details and yet sophisticated feminine elegance. Her current collection Debut. Talking Dresses made its debut May 2008. Currently, Party Noire is available for purchases exclusively online.

Don't want the Party Noire to stop? Go to the website for more info on the collection.

Frocks, Rocks, and Cocktails

Kick PR is delighted to participate in Collective Chic: an upscale shopping soiree in New York City.

Collective Chic showcases a select group of female vendors representing fashion and beauty. Cocktails, wine, hors d'oeuvres and chocolate will be served. All guests will receive a goody bag. Shop, network, get pampered and support a great cause: a portion of the proceeds will benefit Dress for Success. For more information and to purchase your ticket, please visit:
Monday, November 10
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Cornell Club of New York
6 East 44th Street
(between Fifth and Madison)

Why are we excited? Because two of our very own clients will be participating. Haute luxe designers Adriana Carador and Ann Lansing will both be vendors.

Happy Shopping!! And fellas, feel free to attend the event also. You can score major points with the fashionista in your life.

Yes To Carrots

A month ago I went to the Boho Magazine launch party at this cute boutique on LES called Kaight, which carries eco friendly emerging collections. This place was packed with people and I was so thrilled Boho was getting such a good crowd. Boho Magazine focuses on the environmentally friendly high end fashion world. The spreads mimic spreads in Elle and Vogue, and the fact the clothes are made with fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, organic cotton and more keeps me interested. Anyway, I digress. Upon leaving, everyone gets a goodie bag. Usually good bags are filled with things I would never use. For instance, a week pass to NY Sports club ( I belong to the YMCA), or a free consultation with Weight Watchers ( all set, but thanks!). This bag really threw me! Inside were several things that I use often, like a scrunched up reusable bag for the gym, groceries or an overnight.

The other item I use everyday is the Yes To Carrots Makeup Remover. LOVE THIS! It was a regular size bottle, no sample size that's done in 3 days. It smells so wonderful, like carrots of course, and is such a smooth cream that leaves me face soft as ever. I can feel the clumps of mascara coming off. It was a smart goodie bag inclusion because when this runs out, I will most definitely go out and buy more.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Can Cuff Me.. Anytime.

I was working on an email to editors featuring the Adriana Carador Cuff's and I wanted to call out my favorite in this blog, because its so colorful and bright and I need colorful and bright right now. This Candy Cuff makes me just smile. Its bright, bold, chic and loaded with stones I am just now learning how to pronounce. That bold stone in the middle is a Ruby, and its surrounded by its friends pink tourmalines, amethysts, citrines and beryl. I wore this a few times and felt that it was sending off special powers of energy and just super chicness,which I cant get on my own as often as I would like. This cuff is also offered in Calcedonia featuring rodolites in yellow gold. That one is called the Leite Cuff. Seen here...

And in the midst of a declining economy,this collection is growing! Recently the designers, Adriana and Victoria, were in Dallas at a trunk show and the women there showed no signs of slowing down. Keeping your spirits up with jewerly isnt such a bad thing. If anyone would like to buy me some jewelry to keep my spirits up, I wont stop you!

View all of the collection at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whistle & Flute

I was at Coterie a few weeks ago and stopped by my friend’s booth. She was surrounded by bold funky necklaces, cuff bracelets, big cocktail rings and all of the stuff I swoon over. But it was her shirt that caught my eye. Simple in design, but designed in a way that has people saying " that’s a great shirt, who is it?"

Whistle & Flute is the name of the collection, and I feel a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t heard of it. I like to think I know everything that’s going on all of the time, every day. Clearly, it’s not the case :) This collection presents a blend of masculine and feminine, which is a great look when done right. Some of my favorites from the collection are the Eyelet Scarf Vest in Ivory (belted over a black dress this look is amazing!), the Side Cascade Topper Coat, and the Tuxedo Fan Vest. All of these are in Fall 2008 Collection.

Designer Yoon Chang came to New York from Toronto to study at Parsons where she was plucked out of her graduating class to be part of the Cynthia Steffe design team( no surprise there). During college, she studied abroad in Paris and England where she learned in-depth the couture/fantasy side of fashion; skills that are demonstrated in her current collection. Log onto

Friday, October 3, 2008

Rotenier's Luxe Layers

This season is all about layering your necklaces. Because ladies, why should we pick just one? Sometimes, to get the layered look, all you need is one. Parisian jewelry and accessories designer Robin Rotenier designed a layered chain that is glam for your evening and perfect for your everyday when your shirt or turtleneck needs an extra oomph. His 18k gold Five Keshi Beads on Chain Necklace is just what you need for the season that is all about layering.

Featured: 18k Five Keshi Beads Chain Necklace. $4,950.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kickstart J'adore: L'ecole Des Femmes

On Kickin' Off we like to talk about our clients because we want you to be updated on what's happening with the Kickstars. But, this doesn't mean we're sheltered. Case in point: L'ecole Des Femmes. Translated means: School of Women. L'ecole Des Femmes (love saying that in french) is a brand new line based out of L.A., which as they say, was "originally conceived in the back seat of a black convertible spider in 1962 by Georgette Malbesee and Jean Pierre Lachemescouilles through the cold smoke of a pair of unfiltered cigarettes." If that quote intrigues you, then you must follow it up on their website. We are totally loving the F/W 08 and S/S 09 collection. It's classically gorge! Tailor made for the simply elegant girl. C'est si bon.

San & Soni Sample Sale

Due to popular demand, San & Soni is having a Sample Sale and you are invited! The early bird catches...a gift bag? That's right. The first 50 shoppers to make a purchase receive a fab Gift Bag. Enjoy complimentary mango mimosas (while they last) and get the best deals on the hottest collection.

Date: Saturday, October 11th, 12pm-6pm
Location: 3rd Ward
195 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Studio B

We hope to see you there! And remember, it may be fun to shop alone, but you can always use an extra set of eyes, so bring your friends.

Color Me Pendant

For the fall/winter season I love introducing splashes of color into my wardrobe. Haute lux jewelry designer Adriana Carador makes it easy to mix in rich, bright shades with her current collection. Kickstars like us are loving her Dallas Pendant that is yellow gold embellished with turquoise and diamonds. How extravagant! It's a bold piece that makes a statement but is humble enough to not take over your outfit. While the leaves might be turning colors, you'll be turning heads with this pendant.

Adriana Carador. Dallas Pendant. $4,800.