Monday, March 30, 2009

Most Productive Tunes for Spring Cleaning, In My Opinon.

I did some serious spring cleaning/ organizing this weekend which involved polishing and storing jewelry the correct way and slowly weeding out the heavy jackets and wools for the warmer months. And I don't do anything like this without music, because if I cant be singing along and having fun, I will start crying. So, I created an amazing playlist and wanted to share in case you were planning on spring cleaning in the near future.

1) Doves- There Goes the Fear
2)Kings of Leon- Fans and Ragoo
3) Youth Group- Skeleton Jar
4) Maria Taylor- A Good Start
5) The Paper Raincoat- Sympathetic Vibrations
6)Rilo Kiley- Portions for Foxes
7) Santigold- Lights Out
8) MGMT- Kids
9) Sufjan Stevens- Come on! Feel the Illinoise!
10) Vampire Weekend ( Anything! They can do no wrong.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 Random Things about Kick PR

You know that “25 Random Things” list on Facebook? ( And now a regular feature in Us Weekly) Well, this is a shorter version of that; a fun way for my readers to get to know more about Kick PR. So, here are “10 Random Things” about Kick PR.

1.We found Leanne Marshall before Project Runway did. One year before, to be exact.
2.While our offices have been at the same address for almost 4 years, we have moved spaces within the building six times.
3.The Kick PR logo, the little lady kicking her leg, came to me in a dream. I am not kidding.
4.We have a mascot, and his name is Elton. You can see him here, he is very fashionable.
5. In February 2009, I signed on a partner, Sharon Schoenberg, who has oodles of experience in PR, and works wonders with the media. Very exciting!
6. At the one year anniversary of Kick PR, my dad said " wow, I never thought Kick would make it!" At the two year, he said the same thing... now he's just getting used to the success.
7. Kick PR did the PR for Portland Fashion Week , Spring 2008. Pro bono. Why? Because it was good experience and it introduced me to Leanne Marshall, Modi Soondarotok of IDOM, and all of the amazing designers in Portland, Oregon. No regrets there. And I learned a thing or two about how to really be green.
8. One day I plan to bake holiday cookies with the Kick PR logo and send them to all the fashion editors in New York. I swear to God I will do this. Just cant give you andexact date.
9. When Kick PR first started, I pitched it as a segment for the Today Show. I thought it would be interesting to journal the experience of building a business when you have no idea what you are doing (guilty). Would have made for great TV; unfortunately they didn't see my vision.
10. In 2006 we had a designer who showed during NY Fashion Week. The space was in the boonies over on 10th Ave. We had a great idea to offer the Swarovski crystal jewerly from another Kick client that the models could wear during the show. There was about $15,000 worth of jewerly waiting to be donned, and some jerkoff stole the whole bag. Never to be found. Try telling that to a client. No good, but lesson learned. Lots of them.

So, thats just 10 items right off the bat, and there are so many more that I might write about in the months to come. Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Tale of Adriana Carador

I have posted a few items on here about Adriana Carador, and today I was telling the story of how the line came to be to an editor and thought, I like this story; I should share.

The Adriana Carador Collection (and the designer) is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Adriana is well known in Brazil; she's quite the socialite and fashionista. After studying fashion and accessories design in Rome, she returned to Brazil to open two women’s clothing boutiques, while still in her 20s ( WOW!). While viewing the Milan collections in the mid-90s, she found herself sketching jewelry to compliment the runway looks. Upon returning to Brazil, she immersed herself in the history and study of jewelry and gemstones.
With the help of talented local goldsmiths, she was soon transforming the area's most precious resources into jewelry for herself ( because we all do that, right? yeah, no.) Well, no surprise here, she began designing and creating jewelry for her clients. She sold her boutiques and focused 100% on her jewels.

The interest in her line grew quickly in Brazil and she knew the next step was to reach out to the US
market. This is when Adriana contacted her good friend and savvy New York businesswoman Victoria Flores to brainstorm. The women came up with a plan; to hit the road. Since late 2007, Adriana and Victoria have traveled around to places like Dallas, New York City, Hamptons, Aspen and Beverly Hills holding private trunk shows in the homes of women who were in the know. If you live in any of the above cities, you can sign up on the website to be notified when the ladies are in the area, and where it will be held.

And as of one month ago, the Adriana Carador line caught the eye of Fragments down in SoHo and the full collection is now available for purchase.

Smart women + Beautiful jewelry= Success!

For more on the collection, log onto

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is a Cuff.

This is a cuff bracelet. Slinky is a word I may use to describe this piece. It’s called the Medieval Bracelet by Adriana Carador, the Sao Paulo designer who amazes us with every new piece she designs.

The Medieval Bracelet is a mesh of yellow gold and diamonds; very subtle diamonds but they are there. This is a piece that when shown to an editor or severe fashion addict, they grab and must have a go at it. And thats OK with me, fashion should be given a test drive. Its light and fun and around $10,000. So, whoever you are that buys this, enjoy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ananda Khalsa

I came across Ananda Khalsa's collection a few years ago and ever since I have followed her success and anxiously awaited her new designs. She also happens to be from Rhode Island ( shout out!) so I have an extra special place for her in my heart.

Ananda draws inspiration from Asian art, natural forms, and the cool sleekness of metal. Each of her pieces contains an original painting on paper, which is set behind hand ground glass in fine and sterling silver. Another important influence in Ananda's work is the powerful symbolism behind each of the subjects she chooses to paint. I love the Bluebird and Dragonfly collections; those rings are just so fabulous!

Head on over here...