Saturday, February 28, 2009

San & Soni: Stylish Love

I love this collection for so many reasons. First, its a love story and who doesn't love a good love story? Behind San & Soni are Sonali and Jeet Singh. Sonali and Jeet are both from North India, but didn't meet until they moved to New York City and took the same classes at FIT. Jeet and Sonali are both extremely talented designers who each bring something different to the line. While Sonali is amazing with new design and sketching, Jeet manipulates fabric like you wouldnt believe.

Jeet and Sonali not only formed a design partnership, but they also fell in love and were married. San & Soni are actually the nicknames that were given to them back in India, and I think it's a fantastic name for a brand. I also think it's just so sweet. I have had the pleasure of getting to know them both, and they are so kind and humble and just want to design good clothes for women, and in my opinion that's what matters.

San & Soni were Kick PR clients, and like many emerging designers, they needed all of their money for sales and growth, and had to put PR on the backburner. It's sad and this is an all too common problem, but I know that this collection will grow leaps and bounds, because designers this talented end up making impressions on the right people.

From their Spring 2009 collection, everything is on my "must have" list. I especially love the puffy Lucian Pants and already have my name on a pair. I am only 5'4", but I don't care, I think these pants are hot, and worn with the right shirt and perhaps some slight heels, this outfit could be amazing.

Also on my list, is the Yin Yen Blouse. Very simple piece with the right size bow and shown here with the Cool Me Up Shorts. I suppose those are on my list too...
Their website is Click on Collections and browse their work, you won't be disappointed, I promise. If you dont believe me, ask Daily Candy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lucky Penny Class Ring

This is a simple accessory. A penny, set in a ring, turned into cool. What's extra great about this ring ( and the Lucky Penny necklaces that this designer, Tashka by Beatrice, offers) is that I or you can get ANY year on the penny. I got my birth year, because I like to remember I have a foot in the 1970's. Also great for graduations, anniversary's, a "good year" or whatever! I just love it, and I cant wait to get mine. They are available at, under Lucky Penny Ring from Tashka by Beatrice.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Academy of Art, San Francisco

I love heading to the shows at NYFW, who doesn’t? Loud music, beautiful models and of course, amazing and fabulous clothes that I could never afford and would never really fit me anyway. It doesn’t matter; the whole experience brings me that much closer to my appreciation for the art of fashion.

For the past few years, I have had the opportunity to go to the Academy of Art University, San Francisco shows under the tents. It’s my favorite show because it’s new , fresh and the students aren’t pressured by any corporate idea of what they should be designing. At this show, there’s so much creativity and fabric variety. This season’s show was on Friday, Feb 13th and before I showed up, my friend who runs the PR there emailed me that day and said “wait until you see our models!” I had no idea what he was talking about, I assumed maybe they actually hired some “healthy” models that are no taller than 5’ 6”: imagine!

Usually, the show is competing with another big show or like last season,Conde Nast's Fashion Rocks, so they couldn’t get the big models ( big as in famous, clearly not by size). However, when I looked at the roster, I was blown away that they had the likes of Chanel Iman and Anja Rubik. I was so excited for myself and even more so for the designers who have the chance to have their pieces worn by noteworthy models. People look even closer when the models are famous in their own right.

So a few of the designers really left me with the jaw drop. I LOVED the collection by Heather Howard; her pieces were so beautifully done and the fun tree pattern on her flowy, prairie like dresses were something I hope to have in my closet one day. Heather is from Portland, OR (coincidentally I was at the show with Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall who also is from Portland, however just moved here to NY.) so a lot of her collection is drawn from her surrounding in the Pacific Northwest, which is a very beautiful place. Beautiful, but strange place I might add. Her dresses have a trapeze shape silhouette which is hard to imagine, but easy to embrace when you see it. Her colors were soft and feminine and I have no doubt she will be impressing many in the years to come.

Another designer I loved was Emily Melville. Her printed wool coats and dresses were so amazing; I haven’t seen anything like that in so long. They reminded me of old Hollywood glamour, the fashion that is long gone these days. Emily showed some simple silhouettes with beautiful colors and fabrics that just fall so nicely. She also featured some soft prints and patterns for an little edge. The collections from the Academy of Art are just SO fun. The designers are new to the industry and they have the major fortune to be guided by Simon Ungless, who has worked with designers such as Alexander McQueen, Donna Karan Ralph Lauren, Versace and Paul Smith. The guy is talented, and surprisingly very nice; I met him last year when I went it to get a behind the scenes look.

I highly recommend anyone who loves fashion to follow these students on their journey. Sure, many of them may have to close up shop, so to speak, and find some other work to pay the bills, as is the downside of emerging fashion. But either way, they are designers to watch no matter how high up they go. New talent is where the fresh is, and when your old standbys are getting stale, here is where to look. For a look at the whole show line up:, Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Unzip Me, Anytime.

I was recently at the Nary Manivong Fall 2009 presentation, and while I was loving the collection, I was more taken with the jewelry worn by the models. I found the designer, Kate Cusack, and cornered her. She is amazing, super cool and clearly very talented. Check out her site, you will be happy I shared this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

On My Way to Ebay.

Its no secret that people are shopping less and those "must have" boots have turned into, " I must have enough money to live on if things get bad...." But shopping is fun, and its a total distraction when we need one. I am not saying go out and charge $1000 on your Amex for some new shoes, but I think its ok to shop smart.

I consider Ebay smart shopping. Granted, I know its been around for years, but I forget and every so often check out the deals. Recently, I was on there and got $15 off a Kiehls product with FREE SHIPPING. And for things like tights or leggings, $7.99, free shipping. How is that not amazing? These are things that I feel are necessary for my happiness, and if I can find them somewhere for so cheap like Ebay, then why the heck not? You want me to be happy, right?

So, I guess I am just trying to help re-spread the word about Ebay so fashionistas don't go buying lesser quality products or old clothes ( which actually can be totally a steal when you can get a $20 vintage dress, that was down from $100, like I did last week.)

So, check out Ebay for all your shopping needs. No need to suffer.