Monday, February 9, 2009

On My Way to Ebay.

Its no secret that people are shopping less and those "must have" boots have turned into, " I must have enough money to live on if things get bad...." But shopping is fun, and its a total distraction when we need one. I am not saying go out and charge $1000 on your Amex for some new shoes, but I think its ok to shop smart.

I consider Ebay smart shopping. Granted, I know its been around for years, but I forget and every so often check out the deals. Recently, I was on there and got $15 off a Kiehls product with FREE SHIPPING. And for things like tights or leggings, $7.99, free shipping. How is that not amazing? These are things that I feel are necessary for my happiness, and if I can find them somewhere for so cheap like Ebay, then why the heck not? You want me to be happy, right?

So, I guess I am just trying to help re-spread the word about Ebay so fashionistas don't go buying lesser quality products or old clothes ( which actually can be totally a steal when you can get a $20 vintage dress, that was down from $100, like I did last week.)

So, check out Ebay for all your shopping needs. No need to suffer.

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