Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear KUZA Strap, Where Have You Been?

I have a weakness for boots. Winter boots, riding boots, rain boots, you name it, I kinda love them. I love pairing them with some skinny jeans or leggings for a comfy, everyday, casual look. What I don't like is the way my jeans don't stay put. I hate that. It seems that every six feet I have to stop and shove the bunched up jeans back in the boot. This is not convenient for me, in any way.

This is why I became an instant fan of The KUZA Strap. With new colors and designs every season, your socks will be in very good company!

I never considered myself of the Bohemian crowd, but I sure do love their Earthy Bohemian strap! So check out how this baby works and then go buy one in every color. $16 at

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

When I was in high school, every summer season I would buy a new bathing suit from J Crew. It was usually the same style, different pattern; the basic underwire top with bikini bottom. Over the years I have pretty much stayed the course, varying a bit with the tops and experimenting with halters and bandeau's. My sister and I feel that we look best in halters, other styles kind of make us feel weird. (She and I also can not pull off any cap sleeve items; too reminiscent of Pigs in Space.) We are our own worst critics. But it's true, some cuts and styles look better on some.

I have and will always love the 1950's bathing suits. Gidget was popular for a reason. The Brooklyn designer Hayden Harnett has some totally fabulous patterns and styles from that era, but topping off at 5' 4" this suit may not look great on me. This adorable two piece is the Leda Bikini. WANT:

I also have been trying out bandeau's as of late. There is nothing worse that halter top tan lines when I show up with a strapless dress. No amount of bronzing powder will make that go away. So I tried some cute suits from Old Navy that have really worked out well! I love this Paisley pattern- normally I am a solid girl, but this one just spoke to me:

And there is no reason to stop the shopping at bathing suits, there is a whole world of beach fashion out there! I have become a big fan of hats and cover-ups. I used to care less about what I would wear to and from the beach, today it's a different story. Yesterday I was in Nordstrom and my friend Jen pulled this hot number off the rack. I love the flowy, feminine, and sheer look of this. I hadn't heard of this brand Becca, but I was impressed by this Sheer Bliss Tapestry top:

After winter I feel weird emerging from bulky layers of wool and popping into a swimsuit. It takes me a bit to get past that first "white as a ghost" sighting, but then I actually enjoy the ease of summer and beach fashions. I continue to search for great suits and cover-ups, as well as a boat for my boyfriend and a beach bungalow for me.