Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear KUZA Strap, Where Have You Been?

I have a weakness for boots. Winter boots, riding boots, rain boots, you name it, I kinda love them. I love pairing them with some skinny jeans or leggings for a comfy, everyday, casual look. What I don't like is the way my jeans don't stay put. I hate that. It seems that every six feet I have to stop and shove the bunched up jeans back in the boot. This is not convenient for me, in any way.

This is why I became an instant fan of The KUZA Strap. With new colors and designs every season, your socks will be in very good company!

I never considered myself of the Bohemian crowd, but I sure do love their Earthy Bohemian strap! So check out how this baby works and then go buy one in every color. $16 at

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Maria said...

So this is what the clips have now been recycled into? A stirrup? That's cool but I feel OLD. We used to use these clips when I was in jr. high to taper the ends of our jeans or on the sleeves of our shirts to either shorten them or taper them too (WHAT?!). Granted I grew up on an Air Force base on Okinawa so maybe this wasn't the trend in the States... But let me just let you know that if you had these you were the shiznit. And I had a drawer full. :)