Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day at Grey Gardens.

I've always dreamed of living in the age of long cigarettes ( even though I don't smoke), fancy fun hats, and beautiful dresses anytime of the day. I recently watched Grey Gardens and it brought back my obsession within seconds. In fact, today my fiance asked me to come to an antique shop with him to pick out some props for a project he is working on. I discovered the dress up section and just like a little girl playing with her grandmothers hats and clothes, I was off. I am also extremely excited that Mad Men is back on, so that may have something to do with this picture:

Yes, I do realize I look ridiculous, but I walked around the store with this hat on until we had to leave. Tear. But I realized I can come home and play some more on Polyvore! So, here it is, my dream outfit of the day:

Say what you will about me, I love what I love.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Loving Lo Boheme

I am a girl about accessories; even the smallest ones can pack a big punch. For my wedding next summer, I've been thinking of what added touches I may want for not only the decor, but also the wardrobe. I've indeed picked a dress, it was the first thing to get crossed off my list. I am over the moon thrilled about this dress and while searching for the perfect hair accessory to change into for the reception, I came across Lo Boheme.

Lo Boheme oozes elegance, glamour, and nostalgia. The husband and wife team create one of a kind custom accessories for weddings, events, and everyday and I have RSVP'd yes to this party. I am trying to inject my own personal style into this wedding, but it becomes hard when a venue is set up a certain way and let's be honest, all the minor details really add up on the register. So it's the fashion added touches I love to work in as an unexpected element of surprise. Having something nesting in my hair like a few pieces you will see from Lo Boheme, is exactly the twist and beauty I need for my wedding day, I just need it.

Definitely check out their ethereal website at www.loboheme.com. These photos are from the Lo Boheme website and you can view a few different collections for your personal style.