Monday, July 19, 2010

Loving Lo Boheme

I am a girl about accessories; even the smallest ones can pack a big punch. For my wedding next summer, I've been thinking of what added touches I may want for not only the decor, but also the wardrobe. I've indeed picked a dress, it was the first thing to get crossed off my list. I am over the moon thrilled about this dress and while searching for the perfect hair accessory to change into for the reception, I came across Lo Boheme.

Lo Boheme oozes elegance, glamour, and nostalgia. The husband and wife team create one of a kind custom accessories for weddings, events, and everyday and I have RSVP'd yes to this party. I am trying to inject my own personal style into this wedding, but it becomes hard when a venue is set up a certain way and let's be honest, all the minor details really add up on the register. So it's the fashion added touches I love to work in as an unexpected element of surprise. Having something nesting in my hair like a few pieces you will see from Lo Boheme, is exactly the twist and beauty I need for my wedding day, I just need it.

Definitely check out their ethereal website at These photos are from the Lo Boheme website and you can view a few different collections for your personal style.

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Carla said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The perfect, yet not common, wedding accessory.