Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dig a Discount?

Every so often a designer will offer my readers a nice discount towards their fashions. We thought that since there is no gift giving holiday for a while, we would turn July 4th into a holiday with gifts for you! Shien Ru Tsao, the designer and brain behind The KUZA Strap, wants to offer Kickin Off readers 10% off your strap of choice. There are several fun and colorful designs to choose from, and having one of these means you can head into Fall with confidence.

Why all the sudden confidence for Fall?

Because The KUZA Strap is actually solving a major fashion problem. You know when you have this amazing and totally coordinated outfit that consists of super chic skinny jeans and your new high leather riding boots? You are so excited, except that when you sit down, the jeans pull up and they bunch at the knee. Or, if you are a city girl and you are walking the many blocks to get where you need to be, you look down and your pants are puddles around the top of the boot. Big thumbs down.

The KUZA Strap clips onto the bottom of the pants, much like a stirrup, and holds them down. No one but your cute little socks will see the strap, but who cares, they are adorably designed anyway.

$16 for normal people, but you are not normal, you are special. Special people get a discount of 10% after you type in the code Kickin10 at checkout. www.shopkuza.com

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