Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Necessary Accessory: The Belt

Well, summer is actually gone. For most people, this fact was made clear in late September when they pulled out their winter wardrobe and stored the flowing dresses and cute tanks. This realization however didn’t occur to me until this week, when the temps dropped in my house to below 25, or so it seemed. So I finally stored my summer duds and pulled out the winter collection; it’s always such a nice surprise when you find things you forgot you had! One big change for me this year has been my incorporation of belts by Ann Lansing. While I was pulling out the many pairs of pants I own for winter, I recalled wishing them having a nice belt to pair up with, but didn’t have one at the time.

I've been experimenting this summer with how to wear a belt ( i.e. on jeans, high waist pants, over sweaters, etc...) and I am more than excited to pair up her belts with the dresses and heavy garments. I can tell you this Wave buckle paired with the brown/ tan strap will be getting a lot of use. I have some fantastic pair of wool Michael Kors bellbottom pants in a plaid that are screaming for this belt. I urge you all to reconsider the belt as a necessary accessory, because it really is.

All of Ann's belts can be found at And if you live near or around the Darien, CT area, pop by the Darien Sport Shop for her trunk show premiering all of her current and future belt collections! Ann Lansing Trunk Show, October 25th. Darien Sport Shop.

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