Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whistle & Flute

I was at Coterie a few weeks ago and stopped by my friend’s booth. She was surrounded by bold funky necklaces, cuff bracelets, big cocktail rings and all of the stuff I swoon over. But it was her shirt that caught my eye. Simple in design, but designed in a way that has people saying " that’s a great shirt, who is it?"

Whistle & Flute is the name of the collection, and I feel a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t heard of it. I like to think I know everything that’s going on all of the time, every day. Clearly, it’s not the case :) This collection presents a blend of masculine and feminine, which is a great look when done right. Some of my favorites from the collection are the Eyelet Scarf Vest in Ivory (belted over a black dress this look is amazing!), the Side Cascade Topper Coat, and the Tuxedo Fan Vest. All of these are in Fall 2008 Collection.

Designer Yoon Chang came to New York from Toronto to study at Parsons where she was plucked out of her graduating class to be part of the Cynthia Steffe design team( no surprise there). During college, she studied abroad in Paris and England where she learned in-depth the couture/fantasy side of fashion; skills that are demonstrated in her current collection. Log onto

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