Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Can Cuff Me.. Anytime.

I was working on an email to editors featuring the Adriana Carador Cuff's and I wanted to call out my favorite in this blog, because its so colorful and bright and I need colorful and bright right now. This Candy Cuff makes me just smile. Its bright, bold, chic and loaded with stones I am just now learning how to pronounce. That bold stone in the middle is a Ruby, and its surrounded by its friends pink tourmalines, amethysts, citrines and beryl. I wore this a few times and felt that it was sending off special powers of energy and just super chicness,which I cant get on my own as often as I would like. This cuff is also offered in Calcedonia featuring rodolites in yellow gold. That one is called the Leite Cuff. Seen here...

And in the midst of a declining economy,this collection is growing! Recently the designers, Adriana and Victoria, were in Dallas at a trunk show and the women there showed no signs of slowing down. Keeping your spirits up with jewerly isnt such a bad thing. If anyone would like to buy me some jewelry to keep my spirits up, I wont stop you!

View all of the collection at www.adrianacarador.com

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