Friday, April 10, 2009

I Don't Mean To Be Judgmental, But...

I will just say straight up, I don't like Brooklyn Industries. I am sure they offer some great things for a certain style, but I just really cant stand that store. I used to enjoy stores like BI, H&M and Forever 21, however, as the years have gone by and Kick PR has had the honor to meet/work with emerging designers who actually hand make ( and design)their pieces, stores like this make me cringe. Actually, I probably could be called a snob, and I guess that's OK with me. What can I say? I like the finer things. ( My bank account and I need to discuss this and get on the same page...)

I walked by the Park Slope location this morning and stopped at the window and just stared. Not because the outfit on the mannequin was so fabulous, more because I cant believe people get PAID to style mannequins like this:

I am trying to understand how this outfit was approved. How did this slip by management? Did the stylist think, "So purple and yellow looks great together, and I think we have some leftover trashy fishnets that we need to get rid of, so... lets just pair that right up and put it front and center!"

Again, I don't mean to be super duper judgmental and rude, but isn't this just atrocious?

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yea me too!