Saturday, April 11, 2009

Because Utah Loves Their Pageant Girls.

A few years ago, I had a client in the Active/ Outdoor market and they asked me to help out at the Outdoor Retailers (OR) show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Twice a year the fittest, tannest and most active people I have ever seen land in Salt Lake and take over the town. Brands like Patagonia, North Face, Polartec, Cliff Bar, 66 North and hundreds more present their upcoming collections. It’s awesome. Its so much fun and I wish I could just stay in that convention center for days on end and swim in the kayak pool, gather free samples of everything and anything, and make sure I get the free ice cream.While I was there, I headed out one day with a co worker and ended up in this strange, eerie place that was once a mall. The whole thing just screamed Hitchcock. I was OK because I spent most of the time in the lone remaining department store, Neiman Marcus. As we were walking down the hallway of hell, we walked by this store oozing bright colors, polyester and sequins. This was a pageant store, and I had to go in. The trick was to head on in there and try some dresses on without ever laughing. This was no task for me. My whole life I have played dress up. Starting at age 8, I would go into the local bridal boutique with my friend Meghan and try to convince the women in the store that I was getting married and needed to try on the dresses. I always thought I just was an amazingly mature looking kid, but I think the clerks were just bored and perhaps found slight entertainment in my efforts. And now as I look back, I am a little embarrassed.

Anyway, I digress. So I was up for this challenge. I pulled out several dresses with the help of the excited women in the store. Yes, there were women, not woman, involved with this. A few of them thought it was so great that I needed a pageant dress (Yup, I told them I was entering a pageant). I decided I needed some chiffon and beads. Here is what I was given:I kind of like the pink look. But I worry when the talent portion of the show arrives, the taffeta at the bottom might get stuck in my roller skates. No?

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