Thursday, April 2, 2009

Window Shopping with Adriana Carador

As a designer, I imagine you would want your line to be carried in the best stores, and even better, featured in the windows. Maybe if you work hard enough and your collection truly impresses, the first one comes true, but the second is a bit harder to pull off. Unless you are Adriana Carador.

As the buzz continues to grow around this collection, more and more influential people want to be part of the success, including the buyers at Fragments. The collection started out at the SoHo location, and if you consider shopping your hobby, you know that's an area with some of the best.

And as of last week, the Adriana Carador collection was added to the Madison Avenue location, where not only is it displayed in the store, but also in the windows! In the top photo you can see the Star Pendant front and center, surrounded by the Leite Cuff (Audrey Magazine, January), Leite Earrings, Anjo Earrings and over there on the left, one of my favorites, the Blossom Ring ( Modern Bride, March).

And seen in this window is the Cupilha Pendant, Twist Earrings (D Magazine) and Briollet Ring. Yes that big fabulous piece on the right is a ring! All of these pieces are available for purchase at the Fragments store at 997 Madison Avenue and

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