Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Tunes for Spring Cleaning

If you are like me, every spring you toss out pieces of clothes that never should have been stored in the first place. In fact, after remembering that you never wore that red and black leather mini, you realize you shouldn't have bought it in the first place. But there's that nagging sidekick on your shoulder that says " But what if there is a party coming up where the theme is NASCAR? This would be perfect!" Well, I kicked that little lady off my shoulder this year for good and weeded out those demons.

Usually the bags of clothes I intend to give away to Salvation Army or Beacons Closet sit in my hallway for at least six months. No joke. So, when I found out that Felicia Sullivan, (author, fashionista and overall hilarious chica), was holding a clothing drive in May called Fashion For All, I kicked it into gear. It did take me a bit, but with more good music and some light dancing, I now have about three bags to donate for Fashion For All. Here is what I was listening to:

1) My Girls by Animal Collective
2) In a Daydream by Freddy Jones Band ( college anyone?)
3) Back Together by Citizen Cope
4) Automatic Stop by The Strokes
5) Right Here by Brandi (sigh...)
6) Princess Jean Jellypop by Scott Sullivan ( super fun, bobbed head)
7) Listzomania by Phoenix ( again, head bobbing)
8) Islands on the Coast by Band of Horses
9) Stir it Up by Bob Marley
10) Human by Killers

There were others that I am a little too embarrassed to post here, but you get the idea. Keep it light, keep it fun and it will go by super fast!