Monday, April 27, 2009

Pretty Little Things from Canada, Eh?

Every so often I go back in my files and review past clients and designers that I met along the way. I have folders in my inbox of correspondence and also files on my computer with their collection at the time we were in contact. Its nice to see the progress made over the years ( assuming they grew, even if just a bit), and I like to check in with them, just to say hi and see how things are going. Kick PR doesn't solicit business, we have been lucky with that and work mainly on referrals. Its honestly the biggest compliment a gal could ever get! ( well, I like when people comment on my new shoes :)

A few weeks ago I was going through my inbox and came across correspondence with the designer Corrine Anestopoulos, behind the jewelry like Biko from Canada. Its funny how things work out, because I emailed her on a Tuesday and she emailed me back that day saying she was coming to NY for the first time in years the next day. Kinda crazy, I believe in more than just coincidence, and luckily so does she.

So, Corrine came in to my office and had her whole current collection as well as some pieces she was launching. She had been staying in Brooklyn for the week and hitting the pavement looking for stores to carry her line. Like so many fashion collections, its so much better to see things in person, especially a collection like this. I love this Biko line and I thought you would too, that's why I asked her to send me some images so I could show you my favorites. She had the whole collection laid out on the table, and I think I may have lunged for the earrings seen here. They actually come in a few styles ( click here). These earrings here will run you no more than $50, which is a huge bonus not only now, but always. Because even when times are good, who doesn't want a good deal? The glass encasing regal designs such as crowns, horses and crests just won me over from the start. Small and simple, but definitely pieces that stand out.

And then she pulled out her Clip Pendant Necklaces which she said have always been her best sellers because of their "multi style" (is this a phrase you ask? I am not sure, but its fitting at the moment). The pendant clips off and the chain is long enough to double up or wear single, and the pendant clips on wherever. My favorite is this one, the Triangle Horses Clip Pendant, for a whopping $69. Its a locket also, and I plan to put pictures of Elton in there, because as you know I am obsessed with Elton, my dog.

Biko is available online at and she uses PayPal that does the CAD to USD conversion for you. Easy breezy.

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