Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clearly Lenz, Clearly a Great Deal!

I've been know to be impulsive. I am not going to deny that fact. I see something I want, and I need to have it that moment, or in five. I get something set in my mind and can't seem to kick it until its mine, all mine. So, I have been talking about getting a new pair of glasses( pair #3) and I specifically wanted that Buddy Holly style frame. You know? The ones all the cool kids are wearing.

While browsing on Twitter one day, as I do every day, I came across @clearlylenz and they were promoting these frames. I was so excited that I could easily pick the frame, send my prescription via email and have them shipped all for $70! I may have blacked out. Just like runners high, I also get shoppers high.

I paid my money and exactly one week later they arrived.

During this week of waiting though, I totally panicked. I didn't try them on and realized my impulse got the best of me. Friends actually said "Wow, you didn't even think you should try them on before you bought them?" People, I don't have time for this.

But, it had me thinking: As cheap as $70 is, its still $70. So when I did get them, I quickly took them out of the package and tried them on for all to see. What a hit! Perfect fit, perfect prescription and exactly what I envisioned. I love this website for all of their style options and the basic fact that they are the most affordable glasses I have found anywhere, hands down. So, here's me and my glasses. Whadyathink?

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