Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning Mix, 2010.

Last year I posted a list of songs that helped me get through spring cleaning. Over the past year, I have heard some amazing new music and recently I was rocking out to some pretty cool tunes that helped me feel good about weeding out my beloved clothes. Because we all know, in order to grow we gotta let go. And let go I did. As you can see below, I was having a pretty good time doing it.

The music helped me to keep going, to be OK with the fact that one of my favorite blouses just didn't work with my style anymore, and therefore needed to go. So, here are some song suggestions, if you are going through the same process:

Vampire Weekend- Horchata
Broken Social Scene- Backyards
Doves- Satellites
Phoenix- Rome
Lily Allen- The Fear
Lady Gaga- Any song here folks, cant go wrong
Scott Sullivan- Princess Jean Jellypop
Annie Lennox- Pavement Cracks
Ingrid Michaelson- Maybe
Slumdog Millionaire- Track 10
Freelance Whales- Location

Anyway, it's all just a suggestive music list. Enjoy!

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**Maria ** said...

Get down, get down!