Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready For Some April Showers?

With a few days hitting above 65 degrees this March, it was very easy to unsubscribe from the Winter Wonderland Newsletter and sign up for Spring's in Session! However, this happens every year. There are a few days that come in out of nowhere and pull the wool over all of our eyes. As I write this it is rainy and cold and I am trying to remember what warm feels like.

And now that April is less than a week away, we have April Showers to look forward to. Anyone who lives in a metropolis knows that rainy days suck. They just do. I can't tell you how many times I have had to go on editor desk sides in the rain in NY and I always came up looking like a wet dog. Hopefully, I didn’t smell like one. As Liz Lemon would say, Deal Breaker.

Rain is uncomfortable at its best. It's gross and cold and even for someone who has stick straight hair like me, somehow I manage to produce some serious frizz. So, for these upcoming Spring Showers I thought I would share some of the things I have worn that have worked, as best as a rainy day will let them.

Kamik Ellie Rainboots. These are a lifesaver. I wore these once during Fashion Week and a few people stopped me under the tents and said they were fab. Why? I think it’s the feminine fit they have and the subtle chocolate brown fabric under the outside coating. They are warm, because they are lined with Polartec, and they do not leak! I have had them for years and I am someone who likes to head straight for the puddles, so if they were going to leak, they would have by now. Big thumbs up on these!

The thing with rain is it seems to come at you from all directions. At times I have been convinced that it's coming up from the ground. I also find that umbrellas only help when there is no wind and it’s a perfect "movie rain", meaning, it actually comes straight down. I love this Big Fish umbrella from First, it’s a shout out to way back when and it totally makes sense in a city like NY when you are walking with crowds and would rather not poke someone’s eye out ( and you can be sure someone will sue you). It also protects from the chest up, so you can be sure that your makeup won't turn you into the killer clown.

Continuing on the topic of crazy, all over the place rain, I found that a waist length rain coat was no good. I don’t like when my jeans get soaked or the back of my legs. Maybe some people do, not this girl. L.L. Bean has the best jacket for these rainy days. Its called the Trail Model Rain Coat and it comes in different colors (I have brown). I can't say enough about this jacket. It totally takes the hit for me in the rain, but when I come indoors and disrobe, I am dry as can be! I tried to take a pic of mine, because I can't find one big enough for the blog. Elton didn't like the idea, so he used it as a rug. It made me laugh, so I put it in.

Now you're prepared, go get 'em!

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