Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Priya Himatsingka Jewelry

I found this designer at Cape Weekend, and really fell in love with her collection. She has very unique way of working with diamonds and settings. Its not for everyone. People who like a little bit more traditional jewelry may not find the beauty in her collection, but I sure do.

I think these earrings are spectacular. They are diamond solitaire earrings featuring unique diamonds from India in specially shaped silver bezels. Every girl needs a good pair of diamonds!

And this ring is to die for. I am very much into antique and vintage. But do not mistake this for me liking things that smell like mothballs and a basement. There is quality antique and there is crap. This look is quality; just look at the price tag. I think its a timeless ring with style that lasts from the day you graduate from college until the day you send your last child off to college.

For more on Priya, find her at Cape Weekend or RISD Works

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