Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adriana Carador: The Amazon Ring

I haven’t been to Brazil. It’s actually on my list of places to go someday. It seems to me that such wonderful color and energy comes out of that country. There are so many great designers, including Isabela Capeto and Adriana Carador. Adriana Carador is not only the name of a fabulous jewelry collection, but Adriana also a very beautiful, stylish and wonderful designer who is based in Sao Paulo. This is her namesake collection that has women from Brazil to Dallas head over heels. I have written about the collection before, and for that post, click here.

Adriana unveils new pieces every few months and recently she sent me over the image of the Amazon Ring. When I opened the email with this Amazon photo, I gasped. I really did. I don't generally tend to wear emeralds but the way these are designed around the ring with the diamonds in the middle...sigh, it had me at hello .

The full collection is at Fragments in SoHo and www.adrianacarador.com. And this week, Fragments is taking their show on the road to Choices in Pittsburgh from Oct 22- 25th. Fragments is showcasing their designers, including Adriana Carador and if that’s your ‘hood, I suggest you stop by for some shopping and chat it up with the designers. Don’t forget, trying on jewelry is free.

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