Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Hampshire Chic. Yes, It Exists.

My boyfriend lives in New Hampshire, so that means I am there as well. And New York City and New Hampshire are pretty much the same, so I don't even notice the difference! Ha. At first, I had accepted the fact that when I was in New Hampshire, I needed to put away all of my NY clothes and lounge around in sweats and flannels. It was a bit depressing; New York is like a stage and every day is a new presentation! In New Hampshire, no one gives a flying whoop if you are wearing shoes from an obscure shoe designer out of Spain. So I threw my hands up, stomped my feet and screamed "How can they not care about such things?!" Well, the answer always is, its just fashion. Its true, it is just fashion, but for me its a wonderful art of expression.

So after my tantrum, I decided I would recreate my look for New Hampshire and instead of dresses, tights and wedges, I would design "New Hampshire Chic." And I have to tell you, New Hampshire Chic is super cute! So, I went over to my favorite outfit design site, Polyvore, and worked up an outfit that I would wear. Here is my creation:

Flannel: Check. Puffy Vest: Check. Cardigan: Check. AWESOME LEATHER BOOTS by BELSTAFF: NEED TO BUY! So, its not that bad. Its OK that no one here cares, what matters is that I feel good. Somehow I feel like Blaire Waldorf complaining that no one at NYU knows who she is, but she gets out of her hole and builds a new life accordingly. And that's kind of what I am doing in New Hampshire. When in Rome...


Carla said...

I'm trying to feel it Kate but I'm not yet convinced. I can get into the vest (check, just bought one yesterday to replace one I'd lost). I'd love a pair of Frye boots (I'm a little country at heart). But I look terrible in flannel. You can easily find plaid shirts at the Gap right now. I gave it a go but I just felt blah, even though it was purple.

On a related note, when I was visiting NH often I wore the shoes I wore when at home in California which were usually open-toe. One of my NH colleagues said I wasn't wearing "real shoes". That's one of my fave NH fashion memories.

And P.S. you forgot one thing - fleece - mandatory in NH.

Anonymous said...

I recently moved from NYC to Maine, and tried the sweater and jeans look for a while and am bored already!

But more than bored I am confused about why everyone and I do mean everyone wears a fleece vest! Any explanation?

KickinKate said...

Well, every style gets boring at some point, that's why you have to constantly change it up! People love the fleece vest. Fleece was invented in a part of Mass right outside of NH. So, i think there's part pride and also, they become accustomed to the frigid weather, therefore arms on a jacket just keeps them to warm. But sleeveless, now that'll keep you at the right temp! :)