Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goodbye Pink Lace and Barbie Clothing, Hello Sophisticated Saurette.

If I could just shrink down to a size 4T, I would most definitely fill my closet with Saurette (and I would probably have to enter some sort of clinic, because a 31-yr old old in a size 4T, not that hot). But, you get my point.

Kids look so amazing in pretty much anything they wear. My niece Avery rocks striped leggings with polka dot tees. Now, if I were to try that out.. yeah, not so much. And speaking of Avery, every day she heads to her closet (she's three; we've created a monster) and says " I want my blue dress from Saurette." And as cute as it is, my sister has an issue dressing her daughter in the same thing every day. But Avery is a die-hard Saurette fan, along with many hip moms across the US.

So here are some looks for Fall 2009.

Color, color, color!! I love it. A cape for the young ones makes so much sense to me. I mean, its easy and you don't have to deal with pulling arms through the jackets and all that stuff. ( Oh wow, that sounded like and ad for Snuggie... my nemesis). And this dress in the middle is so perfect for that late Summer - Fall transition. Today its about 75 and I am in shorts and a tee. Put on a cardigan or throw on some leggings under that adorable dress and Happy Thanksgiving!

Saurette is loved by many; perhaps you have seen? Real Simple, Cookie, Daily Candy, and not to name drop, but Gwenyth Paltrow is a fan. Ok, I name dropped. You can follow Saurette on twitter @saurette for updates. If you are a store buyer, stop by Saurette at the ENK Childrens Club October 4- 6th and if you are a shopper with a daughter /niece/friend age 2-12, stop by Tree House Social Club in Los Angeles on October 16th, 4-7pm and meet designer Lisa Kanouse. Discount off Fall 2009 and a sneak peak of Spring 2010.


Ebs said...

My nieces look so great in Saurette!

Anya said...

I really like the middle dress. I want one for myself.