Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Am I Really Writing a Post About L.L. Bean Fashion? Yes, Yes I Am.

Summer is gone. It's just the way it is. I remember thinking one day in August when we had our first summer- like weekend, "Winter is gonna be a bitch." Because, when you have one month only of summer, that means the cooler weather is going to wrap itself around us and not let go for about..hmmm... seven months. Ugh. No one looks cute with chapped lips and pale skin. (That's why we use bronzer ladies!)

Before we enter that dark zone though, we do walk through the lovely season of Fall, which from a fashion standpoint, is super cute! I was browsing through the L.L.Bean catalog out of boredom the other day, and came across some legit items that can be complimentary to your very chic wardrobe.

Don't laugh, but I am bringing the Barn Jacket back into my closet. I was looking at it, and its actually a great coat for Fall. I am getting to the point where "practical" makes sense to me. Too many years of not practical has left me with sore feet and a bad back. Thanks stilettos! The Barn Jacket is simple; I guess that why I like it so much. They go so well with scarves and apple picking! And flip up the collar, it will update the look.

Starting mid Fall, my toes start getting cold and as much as I love watching homecoming football games and being outside, my time outdoors is sometimes limited. That's why I picked these Shearling- lined Boots, because they look so warm and I think they would look very chic over jeans/ under a skirt. You choose.

And with the amount of travel I have been doing, I recognize that its time to update my luggage accordingly. This Wildlife Tote is just awesome. I know LL Bean prides themselves on their totes, and up until now my thought has been "meh" on the whole initial tote bag. But now there is an Owl and I must have it! I don't like checking any luggage if I don't have to, and after last weeks scare of lost luggage, I will now be carrying with me all of my jewelry and beloved items, like skin care that I can not do without!

L.L. Bean has fantastic customer service, which is a big seller for me as a customer. They take back products and fix them, no questions asked. And you may ask, "Is L.L. Bean a Kick PR client?" Nope, I just really fancy their Fall fashions at the moment.


ericflem04 said...

Time for some glasses, honey. That's a friggin' squirrel.

Anonymous said...

ah Kate, you are getting to "that age" when everything old is new again! welcome ;-)

plus - The guy from Rogues Gallery use to design for LL Bean and is doing a special collection with them AND the 'adirondacks' as design element is big and getting bigger.
like you, I think people are craving comfort and practicality in what has become an unsettling world. Well done!


Anonymous said...

Love LL Bean, duck books, and Kick PR! -thejamesperkins.com