Friday, September 11, 2009

Nary Manivong Spring '10 and Fashion's Night Out

Over on Little West 12th street, across from Tory Burch who was seriously gearing up for Fashion's Night Out, Nary Manivong held a Spring 2010 presentation, with yet again another great collection full of mini dresses, deep v-neck tops and dresses and slouchy, feminine slacks ( yes, I said slacks, I like that word.)

The lovely models were showcased up on a platform while guests and editors ogled, took photos and notes and bopped to the live band, 40's from Akron, Ohio (worth the My Space click-through). My favorite pieces were the lime green and blue combo pieces. The dress above, on the model smiling, was hands down my favorite. The sleek silk top drapes nicely over the connected blue skirt, and an extra bonus, pockets. Nary is great with taking simple looks and adding his signature details like exposed zippers and one shoulder tops and dresses. But overall, it was the lime/ blue that really electrified the lie for me.

I ran out of juice, so have limited pics, but saw that WhatsWearNow has some great ones, so check 'em out! Also,, to see past seasons collections.

Headed over next to stroll down Bleeker and Perry for the Teen Vogue runway show. The whole street was blocked off, and the Barbie Girls were literally throwing beauty goodness at everyone. LOTION! TOO FACE EYE SHADOW! LIPGLOSS!! COME GET IT! The lucky girls were toting around bright Marc Jacobs bags. I was jealous and suggested that they keep the lip-gloss, and I take the bag. No deal. Pft.

As the runway came to life, models that looked just like they climbed out of the pages Teen Vogue ( I think that was the idea), strolled down with fall fashions mixing argyle, sequins, blazers and bags from the Poppy collection, the newest and more affordable line from Coach. Lots of teenyboppers around, so my time there was limited.

Headed over to Bond No.9 and Intermix, popped in here and there to meet owners, shoppers and searched for the FNO Tee, but no such luck, they had been bought up. It reminded me a lot of Halloween, people out in the streets all for one purpose: searching for goodies.

I can't wait to hear about the other amazing events, such as Mary Kate & Ashley tending bar at Barney's and I heard Charlize Theron showed up at Dior, which I would have loved to see. But, my feet can only take so much.

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