Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hayden-Harnett: Lava Fields of Love, Spring 2010

My day started off with a rude cab driver and a story that ends, $50 later... Not fun, but I kept on a smile and remembered what this week is about, which is fashion. And, as stood in Starbucks juicing my phone after buying yet another charger because I was unprepared, I thought about how very lucky I am to have the experience of NYFW. With it being day one of New York Fashion Week and also the big Fashion Night Out, the city was just very energetic. Even in stores that had nothing to do with the events, there was talk. 

First up was Hayden Harnett, over on 38th street off of Park. Going in, I knew I was in for a treat because I always like their collections. The theme of Spring 2010 is Lava Fields of Love, drawing inspiration from lava fields and desert landscapes. Amidst the beautiful live Opera from the Opera Company of Brooklyn, models stood and looked fabulous in jumpers, flirty, floral khaki dresses,  and fun jackets. I loved the playful look of the prints, which are geometric and feminine and add so much to what could have been, just another dress. Not here, no way, would you ever say "just another dress." 

Hayden Harnett is also great in the  accessories department,  which this season was a continuation of their leather cuffs, clutches , over sized bags with soft buttery leather, and of course, the swimwear. Always so classy, the swimwear gives a throw back to the Gidget days with high waist bathing suits paired with halters. Patterns this season incorporate some neon, just a bit, which is reflective of the lava theme.  And best of all, Toni the designer and co- owner is just the sweetest, and for me that just wraps the whole thing up in a nice bow. Oh, and some Tarte products in the gift bag, score. 

 I have more to say, but I am tired so will continue todays reporting, tomorrow. 


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