Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Behind the Curtain: Leanne Marshall Spring 2010

From the minute I found out that Leanne Marshall was on Project Runway Season Five, I knew in my gut she was going to win. I had met Leanne one year prior to her experience on Project Runway and practically harassed her until she let me do a little of her PR. And I say it like that because Leanne was like many struggling designers; she didn't have enough money for PR, never mind rent and fabrics. But she didn't pay me, I did it for free ( well, maybe I walked away with a few items of clothing) because I knew that this girl was good and I didn't want to take away from the growth that she deserved.

So, she won Project Runway, gained a friend in Diane von Furstenberg, presented a Fall 2009 collection and created a chic line for which came out this summer. And now, as we speak, Leanne is working around the clock on her Spring 2010 collection which, last I heard, was about twenty three looks, all inspired by.... a font.

( Sneak peak over here on left)

I love it. Leanne used to be a graphic designer and for Spring, her collection inspiration stems from a font that she has worked with. Last season, she had just moved to Manhattan and found easy inspiration in the skyline and architecture of Manhattan, because it lends a hand to such amazing detail and design, which Leanne is especially good at.

And this season, a font has won her over. As someone who has seen the collection in the works, I will say that her vision transfers over to the collection unbelievably well. And what I love most about Leanne, is she works so hard to make sure that every detail, every piece of fabric is just how she imagined it. So, in other words, I don't think she sleeps. Seriously.

( On the right, a magnificent look from Fall 2009. Oh, I'm sorry, did I drool on you?")

Leanne Marshall shows this #NYFW on September 12th. We can hardly wait, its candy for the eyes!

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Taylor Sterling said...

I loove her and that dress it to die for. So pretty!