Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leanne Marshall Spring 2010: Ethereal Beauty

I don't know how full time bloggers do it! I had all intention of updating every single day since being here for NYFW, and time has just slipped on by! For the first 4 days, I didn't have internet access, so that explains a lot, but I feel a little bad about my upkeep.

Leanne Marshall's show went off amazingly well, so well that she got a standing ovation. Fans in the audience weren't only editors and fashionistas, but Project Runway alumni Suede brought flowers and Korto stopped by as well. Green goddess and model Summer Rayne Oakes came to support Leanne and her eco-friendly Spring 2010 collections as well as folks from NBC, Daily News, Daily Candy, WWD, Elle. And our friendly blogger friends from PR Couture, Clutch 22, My It Things and Fasshonaburu showed up as well. Thanks everyone!

These looks below were taken by Portland photographer Minh Tran who is a long time supporter and friend of Leanne. So take a minute to breathe in these looks. Lovely. Feminine. Soft. Honestly and Truly Leanne Marshall Design.

That wedding dress. LOOK AT THAT WEDDING DRESS!!!! No words. I am kind of excited that when I do get married, Leanne is just a phone call away from making something pretty amazing.

What most people were talking about after the show was the way Leanne keeps her style consistent every season, but updates the look. She's so great at the origami -like folds and geometric patterns. I have seen it before in her collections, but not at all like this. And with music produced by her boyfriend Nathan McKee, it was just an ethereal experience overall. And though she is relieved its over and can take a breather, its already on to Fall 2010, can't wait!

Also, if you are out and about under the tents this week, keep an eye out for Leanne!

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jordana said...

I heart Kick PR and Leanne! Thank you so much for the invite and front row seating!

Amazing pieces!