Friday, July 24, 2009

A Little Local Press, for Kick PR.

As many people know, I recently located to Cape Cod, Mass from NYC. This recession is a scary one, and in order for me to continue running Kick, I needed to remove myself from the expensive environment that is, New York City.

So I moved up here about three weeks ago, and have been working and maintaining my same daily routine of editor pitching, calling and even traveling with clients for work. Everything is the same, except its totally different.

Upon arrival in Cape Cod, I contacted the Cape Cod Times asking if I could write a fashion blog for them. Turns out , they have someone already, but the features editor turned the table and asked if she could do an article on me and the fashion contrast between Cape Cod and New York ( I did laugh, as did she.)

The article ran today, and I think its fun! I would never call myself a fashion maven, more just someone who immerses herself in the industry and finds a great deal of joy working around it. However, the Cape Cod Times refers to me as a maven here, so I guess I just have to live with it.

Also, I would like to note there is an error in the second paragraph. It mentions that I worked with Ted Baker and Mavi Jeans and that is incorrect. These were clients of Sharon Schoenberg, the woman I partnered with back in January. The reporter pulled it off the site and I didn't get to clarify, so I am doing it now. Anyway, here is the article. Enjoy! Cape Cod Times Article

I would also like to give credit to Bob Carey for that amazing picture he took that ran in the article. Thanks Bob! You can find more of his work at


Chantal said...

V. very cool Kate! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

nice one Kate - leave it to you to hit the ground running in Cape Cod. Kickin it in Orleans! hope to catch up in NYC soon.