Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Objets d'Envy: J'aime

I never thought I would love crystal. When I think of crystal I think of my moms little figurines she collected and placed around the house. And I was to never go near them; I have been known to break things.

However, my thoughts on crystal have turned recently, with the introduction of the collection Objets d'Envy. Wow, I could find an outfit for every piece in this collection! Each piece is hand-crafted using Swarovski crystals in bright colors as well as soft and light. I have a few favorites, and if I could wear three pairs of earrings at once, I would wear the Toile, Mini Fleur and Long Crystal Balls. I think it may not look totally normal, but hey, its worth a shot!

Kirsten Goede (first name rhymes with Thurston, last name like Gady) is the talented designer behind this collection. She knows design and color, which is displayed in her palette in the Charm Multi bracelet. Her signature bracelet for $180 has fans- and influential fans at that. Gayle King, Oprah's BFF, has worn this to awards shows and finds it the perfect accessory to many outfits! Also, Stacy London of What Not To Wear is seen wearing this on The Today Show. Signature bracelet in Coral shown here.

Log on to view the look book and browse through some amazing pieces that you could seriously use for the holidays!

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