Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Power of QVC

I have done so many fun things in my career, and I feel fortunate to have such wonderful and fun experiences. My theory is, when I open myself up to new opportunities and say "yes" when you I to say "no", pleasant surprises come my way. Today I look back on my career and take a look over my resume and I am impressed, I have to Say. Because I was curious and wanting to learn more about a lot of different things, many opportunities came my way, and still do! One of my favorite experiences has been a Guest Host on QVC.

How did this happen you ask? From 2005- 2008 Kick PR worked with the fleece and high tech fabric company, Polartec. We focused on their fashion PR mostly, and created some fun fashion events around their brand and their fabrics. Polartec is probably a fabric that most people wear, and dont even know. Big names like Patagonia, The North Face and L.L.Bean all use Polartec fabrics in their lines. In addition to garments, Polartec fabrics also work well as a blanket! For the past five years or so, they have been selling their blankets on QVC, and doing very well.

What happens on QVC, if you don’t know, is that the hosts on the show are live and sell products in 5-7 minute segments, or if you are lucky you get an hour show. Who's watching? People all over the country and the world. The power behind QVC is amazing; their company approach is all about personability and connectdedness via the TV. Their hope is to have the viewer welcome you into their home, and really feel like they are be talked to, not at.

The Polartec blankets are a popular item on QVC and its all about how you sell and who is selling. I was asked by the company if I would be interested in going on the show once a month from Nov- March and helping to sell and talk about the blankets. Of course, I was SO nervous, but said yes and it’s been one of the most fun things I have ever done! What’s so great about selling on QVC is the visual you are giving to people in every state of the US! We sell at 3am or 3pm and people are always watching. With blankets, its fun because in the winter people want something warm AND affordable to have around the home. The blankets by Polartec are amazing, and because Polartec INVENTED fleece, these are no joke.

I wont take up copy space explaining why they are so fab, but here is the link to this mornings viewing, with yours truly talking about the latest Malden Mills ( aka Polartec) Sherpa Stadium Blankets. Click on, then type "Malden Mills" in the SEARCH box. The blanket comes up and you can watch the video and hey, you may even want one for yourself!

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tate said...

congrats Kate! i'm sure you're familiar with the amazing story of Malden Mills and the unparalleled leadership of Aaron Feuerstein.
(this article is 10 years old but still pertinent today - perhaps moreso)
as a resident of Massachusetts when this fire took place, his decision to keep his workers taken care of and to rebuild has made me a lifelong supporter of Polartec. I'm so pleased to hear you are doing your best to get their products out to the masses and support quality USA manufactured goods!