Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wait... The holidays are around the corner?

Yup, they are and unfortunately we are making history with this failing economy at a time when most people tend to splurge and spend. To stay on the good list with your family and friends, spend your money where it counts by purchasing quality, rather than quantity. For many, H&M may seem like the angel from above to keep them looking good while their back accounts have seen better days. With stores like this, items fade quickly, pill in a minute and last maybe a season, if that. We've pulled a few items off of our Recession Friendly List and thought we would share them with you:

Objets d'Envy is a collection for all budgets and styles, and offers pieces that can take you from day to night, spring to winter and 2008-2010. This is what I mean when I say spend your money where it counts. Buying pieces like Circlet Earrings ( $40) which come in 8 colors shows that you are thinking about something they could where every day, for years to come. The Lavaliere Necklace is a looker ($70) which comes in 14 colors, so you really can’t go wrong- just find out her favorite palette!

For a more vintage flare, you might want to check out Pequitobun Jewelry which features bits and pieces from vintage shows and vintage stores all over the Boston area. The Feathers Earrings ($28) are very funky and will stop people in their tracks; now that’s worth the money!

And if you are a dog lover, owner or know someone who is, the From Scratch Totes and Scarves ($25, $20) will be never forgotten, as they can be reused and re-worn yearly.

We have tons of ideas, and are happy to throw out more suggestions for anyone who is looking. You can email kate@kickpr.com for some ideas. Happy Shopping!

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