Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hardly Recognize Myself... And I Love It.

Every morning I get up at 5:30am and walk to my overcrowded closet. I usually have this same conversation: "Cant wear those, too dressy. Heels? What, am I crazy? Cant wear those, they'll get ruined. Oh well, I guess the jeans and button down will have to do... again." As boring as this sounds, it's actually become quite a welcome in my life and I completely embrace the simpleness of my fashion choices these days.

For years on this blog, I posted about fashion; high fashion, independent fashion, fun fashion, kids fashion, and much more just related to fashion. It was my job, so I do have an excuse. When I walked away from that life over a year ago, I never thought I woud walk into another version of myself, one that I am truly blessed to have.

I accidentally walked into the life of a Montessori school teacher in Manhattan and from the start, felt like I was home. Please do not misunderstand me, I loved what I did. Kick PR was my baby and my life (aside from Elton the Dog, obvs...) and I believed that was my identity. Walking away from that was bittersweet and I wasn't so sure who I was now that I wasn't 'Kate of Kick PR." As fun and adventurous and extraordinary as those years were, I never felt the full heart like I do when I am in the classroom and with my teaching community.
So, instead of funky shoes and dresses and skirts and bags and "outfits," it's backpacks, binders, jeans and a lot of J.Crew. What's starting to matter more is what's inside rather than out, and what I can give back.

So, I've decided to journal here on my blog and track my progress as a very new student teacher. The task that lies ahead is completing a two year Montessori training program in one year. I am still waiting for that one person to say, 'Oh, it's nothing, you'll be fine!" but I have yet to meet that special someone. I'm faced with a year of introducing fun and unique activities for my 3-5 year olds and journaling the entire way through. I'm diving in with my clothes on, whatever they may be.

Here's to the next year!


crosby said...

love this Kate!

KickinKate said...

Thank you mam!! hoping to keep the readers entertained with my journey!

DWJ said...

Kudos to you for following your heart and changing your direction in life! And I was a Montessori kid, such great memories.

Happy Tuesdays said...

love it! Kids are amazing!

Science Lesson Plans said...

Cute kid!!!