Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Socks equals happy feet.

A few weeks ago my fiancé passed on the Happy Socks website he found through Gilt.com. He kind of sent it as a joke,  but I later found out that he was actually serious about these multicolored and multi-patterned socks.


Out of context, I couldn’t quite accept these. I mean, you absolutely have to display serious confidence in wearing these or the whole idea of them goes down the toilet.  I told him he was being silly and I put them out of my mind, until this morning. On the subway there were two men, not together, donning a pair of Happy Socks and man did they look awesome! Indeed these break up somewhat mundane ensembles that men tend to wear to work.  Conservative to the ankles and then it’s a party the rest of the way down to the toes.

I rarely say I am wrong, but for fashion’s sake, I am willing to take the hit.

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