Sunday, June 6, 2010

Selah D'or at Style Week Providence

Sunday was the first night of Style Week Providence, the first ever fashion WEEK in Providence, Rhode Island ( the state I come home to for Christmas). About a month ago, I interviewed Rosanna Ortiz Sinel, the Founder of SWP, who gave me some insight into the event, the designers, and the overall process of making something big happen in such a little state.

Sunday's kickoff began at 3pm with a book signing by Boston Fashion Week founder, Jay Calderin. There were two runway shows starting at 6pm, which of only one I was able to attend; Selah D'or by David Chum.

I've been reading up on the designers showing this week, and I enjoyed reading about David Chum, the designer behind Selah D'or. David is a Boston-based designer who is self taught. With only a year and a half under his belt, he has been wowing the crowds. Though his fashion design career is brief, David knows a thing or two about beauty and art because he is a professionally trained artist whose work has been seen all over the country. I often refer to fashion as art, so marrying the two is never a surprise.

The Selah D'or show was split in two parts; SS 10 and FW10. The first part of the show featured some very structured and feminine dresses with high collars and princess seams. He showed a few dresses with a deep plunging neckline that could give Hollywood starlets a run for their money. Done right, such a plunge can be truly elegant, as seen in his work.

The second part, FW10, featured a lot of black which, for my style, isn't a color I often wear. However, the last part of the show was worth mentioning. There were a few very cool mini dresses mixing sheer organza with black and gold filled chains, studded shoulderpads, and full metal zippers. Everyone knows you have to have at least one LBD in your closet. David's dresses offer a different take on tradition, which is always welcome in my book.

His collections are available at Suneri on Newbury in Boston and Calico@Heir in Downcity Providence. He also has a great site which is I also heard that David will work with you and create a custom design that is all that you could ever imagine.

Images courtesy of Selah D'or.

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