Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kimberly Hendrix: No Bedazzler Here.

I'm always drawn to the beautiful clothing of the 1920's, specifically the flapper style. When I see pictures of those chic hairdos, long, dazzling dresses detailed with beads and satin, I just want to rush out and redo my whole style. There was a night back in my late teens when I did dress up as a flapper; hair accessory, makeup, dress and all. Actually, my whole family did, because my brother's wedding was a 1920's theme and we all played the part. I have secretly been hoping they would renew their vows so I can rush out and play dress up again. However, weddings cost money, so I think a vow renewal on paper would be more realistic. But hey, I will still dress up in their honor.

So, naturally when I saw Kimberly Hendrix's collection, K.Hendrix Couture, a couple of years ago I was smitten. There is something about the draping of the fabric from the beading that is just so sexy and elegant. The ethereal photography puts the clothing in a landscape of fantasy, but make no mistake, these are very wearable pieces, for any occasion and any style.

What's even more beautiful about this line, is that her pieces are revivals. Her statement about the brand is this:

reuse. recycle. renew
everything can be beautiful in the right hands. Kimberly collects, updates, reworks, meticulously edits, creates and presents only the most unique and fabulous ever-evolving treasures for your collection. every creation is one-of-a-kind, as it should be.

Kimberly Hendrix
spent many years as a vintage collector, and over time she decided to transition into making one of a kind pieces much like the designs she was collecting. The K.Hendrix Couture line features beading, embroidery, raw edges and use of high end green materials.

Kimberly notes, "I am really trying to create a luxury line for everyday and I am so focused on reusing and recycling in every way I can. I truly believe in the beauty of imperfection and I do not want to create a stuffy line only for rich women. I want women to intermingle these special pieces with their everyday clothes. I mean there is nothing wrong with sequins during the day. Isn't it possible to have ready-to-wear couture?"

I strongly support ready- to-wear couture! Isn't it what we have all been dreaming of since days of trying on our mothers gowns and heels as a young lass? You can view current and past collections of K.Hendrix Couture at www.khendrix.com.


Anonymous said...

What a nice blog. Thank you Kate :)

KickinKate said...

Glad you like it! I am a HUGE fan!

Mergirl said...

I love how Kimberly Hendrix combines the high style and sparkle with everyday!