Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eva Longoria Parker Dazzles in Adriana Carador.

As a designer, it's quite exciting to see everyday people wearing something from their collection. It's even more exciting when a celebrity is seen wearing the collection! And having that someone be Eva Longoria Parker is over the moon exciting!

Last Thursday on the NBC show, The Marriage Ref, Eva Longoria Parker wore two pieces from the Adriana Carador collection. As always, Robert Verdi styled her beautifully and the colors of the jewelry, the dress, and her makeup looked amazing!
"Eva exudes glamour, style, and grace and we couldn't be more flattered and thrilled that she was wearing our collection. " Adriana Carador

Above, you can see Eva rocking the Drops Earrings and..BAM... that Vinho Ring. The ring made quite an impression; Seinfeld commented on it during the show. Quite stunning, don't you think?

For more on the Adriana Carador collection, you can head over to www.adrianacarador.com and www.fragments.com

(Eva Longoria Parker photo from NBC.com. Jewelry images by Fragments.com)

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