Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Envy You DIY Folks.

I wish I could make things. I have never been able to draw or fashion something out of random things I find around the house. I admire the creativity that some people have; I envy it actually. When I was living with my good friend in Brooklyn, she used to just whip up meals with what we had in the cabinets. I was baffled. Partially because I loathe cooking, but also because I just couldn't fathom how she made some gourmet meal out of what seemed like beans, herbs and chicken stock.

Creative fashion is very much like this cooking scenario. I have a friend who designs on the side. Its something of a hobby she says, it makes her happy and it electrifies her. Every time I see her, she's wearing something she made. A faded wool sweater is now a very cool skirt. Some leather jacket from the thrift store was used to make the coolest purse I have seen. She didn't need anything other than the leather, which is real and feels like butter. I commented on her long, diamond shape hoop earrings and found out those were just something she whipped up one day. Everything she makes, she makes. The tote bags feature her artwork ( above), as well as the notebooks and pillows.

Above are the pillowcases she has been making, which I think are just so sweet and she sells them in a pastry box. My concern is that I will wake up one night and want to eat my sheets, these drawings looks so appetizing!

I see things like this in stores on Lafayette, Mulberry, Mercer. The difference is, they make it impossible to support these designers, because instead of $28 for set of pillowcases, they are around $60.

My friend has been selling on Etsy for a bit, the mecca for DIY. You can find her artwork under the name BlueMango and some of her other accessories (more to be revealed) at HaveYourCake2.

OK, gotta run, I'm off to turn the newspaper into a hat! ( kidding, that's way above my skill level...)

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