Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is That Tea I Taste... In My Cupcake?

There are many uses of tea. The obvious one is drinking, but many people also use tea to reduce puffiness around the eyes, as a conditioner for your hair, and to even stop foot odor.

But a cupcake? Have you tasted a cupcake with tea leaves? Not until Ebony Wilson-Davis of Layers tackled that challenge. Layers is the first company to successfully infuse tea leaves into their frosting and cupcakes.

Layers Cupcakes, a Los Angeles based cupcake company, had already grown a fan base with their unique and yummy flavors such as Peanut Butter and Jelly, Blood Orange Mango Creamsicle and Honeymoon in Jamaica. People that tasted Layers were sure to come back for more. And they did. They are just that good. But Ebony Wilson-Davis, the baker, is always looking for a challenge and trying to create unheard of flavors. Working with tea leaves had crossed her mind several times, but until a very serendipitous moment to come, she didn't know where to begin.

In March, Ebony participated in the LA's Best Cupcake Challenge and wouldn't you know, the booth next to her was the company, Naja Tea. The rest, is history.

Layers came out with five flavors incorporating the Naja tea. Those were Mix and Mingle, Sassafras, Pink Passion, Tahiti, Allure, and Crimson Berry. And because Layers comes out with new flavors for every season, there will soon be more tea infused cupcakes, with even more interesting tastes for your taste buds. Think Egg Nog... mmmmmm.

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