Monday, June 29, 2009

Leaving the Crafting to the Experts, like Kirsten Goede.

I knew when I began working with Kirsten Goede of Objets d'Envy that she handcrafted each piece herself. And then I tried to make an earring one day, and it hit me; "OMG this amazingly talented woman makes each piece herself, with her hands, without having a total meltdown!"

I think its hard to appreciate how special or difficult something is until we experience it ourselves. When I had the brilliant idea to try and make a pair of earrings, I didn't think I would have too much of an issue. I mean, I spend my days looking at accessories and jewelry and talking to some very talented designers. I just thought by way of association, I would be able to do these things. Well, I am hear to tell you, I am sticking to PR and keeping the work/design to my fellow designers.

Just look at these pieces! You must appreciate the little details; the bends, the twists, the embedded crystals. Top left is her Veil necklace, which was mentioned in Daily Candy. Over here is her Ensemble necklace, which is one necklace, one. And down here are some of my favorite earrings, the Crystal Balls, which come in multi colors as well as this grape. I decided to give up designing my own. I will just leave it to the professionals.

Meet Kirsten at or if you are in Chicago, she will be at Pretty in Pilson at the Kate Boggiano studio ( another fab designer) Saturday July 25th, 11-5pm. This wonderful event will be a Warehouse Sale, and you all know what that means... great deals like 20-50% retail prices. Stock up for Fall, birthday gifts, holidays. Now is the time to think ahead and be fashionably and financially smart!

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