Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obsessed With Something Other Than Fashion.

Obsessing about a certain fashion or jewelry line is something I am very good at. Its part of the reason my credit card is faded. My credit card has a wonderful vintage look to it, but in reality its one month old. So, I decided that I needed to replace my fashion obsession with something good and service oriented, like Felicia Sullivan's recent Fashion For All clothing drive. Amazing that girl! Its been my goal this past year to get a spot on the Boston Children's Hospital NYC Marathon Team to run for my niece Annika, and last week I found out that I made the cut!

Annika is 19 months old, and since October 2007, she has had two open heart surgeries and three catheterizations. (Annika's full story and profile can be found here, on All of her surgeries have been done at Children's Hospital Boston, where I have decided that angels take residence. Every time I pack my bags and head up to Boston for her surgeries, I lose a little bit of my heart. I am a fixer. I like to come up with a solution and fix things. That's just the way I do things here. But I quickly realized that I could not fix Annika, and the only way I could help her get better,was to raise money that would benefit the hospital that is saving her life.

She isn't my daughter, but my sister (her mother) is my other half and anything that happens to her, happens to me. So I take this very personally. That's why I applied for a spot on the Children's Hospital Boston NYC Marathon Team. I had to write a little essay, have a phone interview and will have to raise $3000 by December. I am 100% devoted to this race and this cause and I am writing about it in this blog, because it takes up a huge portion of my life. I am a busy gal, but never ever ever ever too busy for Annika and her little heart. This is the stuff that matters in life.

If you are interested in donating, I would be forever grateful and you might bring tears to my eyes. Here is the link, and feel free to pass this on! Thanks!

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