Friday, October 8, 2010

Let the Road Be Your Runway

A few years ago, when I really picked up my running, I decided that in order for me to stay motivated and excited about the long distance routes, I needed to feel good about what I was running in.  New sneakers helped, as did cute socks. But I needed more; something better than plain running shorts and a Vuarnet tee (yes, I have one.)


I quickly learned that these items cost good money and I told myself I would work with what I had, but add in a few new pieces. I bought a few running skirts and some fitted tops, but not much else.   I am writing about this now because I recently came across the blog by Swedish TV reporter and fashion writer, Sofia Hedstrom.


Sofia is a smart and beautiful fashion journalist  and TV correspondent who works around the clock. In 2007 she decided that she needed to have a balance between work and life. So, she began running.  In her blog, Sofia Hedstrom: Investigating Runner, Sofia stated that she always runs in a dress and , “ I run with make up, with red lipstick and they assume that I will be a bad runner. But then I like to show them that I am actually a good runner.”   She has also run the NYC Marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes, which is close to an hour an a half before I finished mine. So, next time I run a marathon, the trick will be to wear more makeup and definitely wear a dress.

Check out Sofia’s blog at Sofia Hedstrom: Investigating Runner.

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