Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obviously I Had to Buy These Shoes.

I am pretty sure my boyfriend is going to wave the finger at me in shame when he reads this, but I have 100% justification for this purchase. They literally were calling my name, like a puppy in a shelter. You gonna turn your head at that? He is all for me loving fashion and writing about it, but seeing as I am in a little teeny tiny bit of debt, shopping needs to really be put on hold.

Ever since I left New York and moved to New England, I haven't really had any desire to shop. It's just a whole different ball game up here and there is less temptation, which is good. Until today. I was walking down adorable Pleasant Street in Newburyport when I came across the vintage and consignment boutique, Modern Mille's. OK, I have to fess up, I have seen this boutique before and I made the decision quite a few times to walk across the street or make a phone call at that moment. These things help me to avoid any temptation. Today however, with the sun shining and that adorable 50's polka dot dress in the window, it just felt right to go in.

Let's first talk about the fact that I am obsessed with Mad Men and wish I could have access to the whole casts wardrobe. Now it seems as if my wish has been granted. What we have here are amazing adorable shoes, dainty and darling bags, floral and patterned full dresses, and the most fab vintage hats. Walking into the fitting room, I had six things, three of them shoes. I walked out with one pair of the most dreamy black oxford heels from the 40's. And for what you ask? Thirty- two bones my friend. Do you love them? I LOVE them!!! They are below and you can look, just don't drool on them please. And yes, that is a mesh toe.

I don't know, I mean sure, maybe I do still have a lingering addiction to shopping. Can you blame me? I work in fashion! However, over the past year, I have drastically limited my intake. Every other month or so I may come across something that strikes my fancy and I make a judgment call. Will I be up all night thinking about these? If so, then I need to do what's best for my health and buy the item and have a long, solid night sleep. Also, if you ever need any help justifying anything, give me a ring, I will help you out. Just email me at OfCourseYouShouldBuyThose! (Take note: this email is not in effect, yet)


Sarah said...

Oh MAN. Vintage shops in London would be asking an easy £70 or £80 for these... you're a lucky lady. Outfit post? :)

KickinKate said...

I know, they are in MINT condition! It was quite a steal.Even got the boyfriend to agree :) Yes, will post the shoes with full outfit, first it needs to stop raining and turn warm!