Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bridesmaid Dress Hunt

I've been spending a lot of time cruising wedding websites. No, I'm not engaged but my dear, adorable, sweet cousin Liz is and she has asked me to be a part of it. Over the past week or so, the bridesmaids and I have been trying to find the best dresses for the big day. For us, of course.

Man, is there a lot of poopadoodle (it's a word, of course it is) out there for bridal parties. I still don't understand why, WHY, designers continue to produce hot pink satin! Amidst all of the pouf sleeves, ruched skirts, padded and severely boned corsets, we came across some great styles that, yes you have heard this before, you can wear again.

I spent a large amount of time on David's Bridal because they have an awful lot to choose from and it helps to get an idea of the dress style. However, there were some other notable websites like 57 Grand, the Fashion Lookbook on StyleMePretty and Dessy. I like to see a variety of looks; there is something elegant about traditional styles but it's in my nature to look for the more funky and unique pieces.

Below are a few dresses that caught my eye, as well as some of the other bridesmaids:

This one is from After Six. Simply put, this is a darling dress.

I thought this one was great, definitely something that I would wear again, but it's an October wedding so maybe more for summer? This green just grabbed me and took me on a mental journey down a road full of flowers, beaches, and tanned skin. It's another After Six dress available on Dessy, which is a great resource; tons of different styles and easily broken down into color groups.

This beautiful satin dream is from 57 Grand. It is the Beekman dress, and I fell for it right away. It's not for everyone, but I'm not tossing this one aside, I may just need this dress in a crisis. Like a party, that's a crisis when I have nothing to wear! This link shows it in a beautiful Grape Juice.

And I don't know what the bride wants to do for jewelry, but the collection from Elva Fields by Emily Wheat Maynard had me at hello. She offers One of a Kind, Limited Edition, and Vintage. Everything is beautifully crafted with a combination of colors that really catch your eye.

You want to know which one we picked? Well, that's a secret. I actually didn't post it on here because I thought it would be more special when it was revealed on the big day. It sounds silly, even as I write it, but there has to be some element of surprise for the bridesmaids, right? Come November, I plan to post photos. We are ready to rock this party!

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