Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Holiday List Scares Me.

My birthday is two days before Christmas, so its natural I spend a lot of time in December wishing and wanting. Well, actually I wish and want all year. Every week or two I like to go on to Polyvore.com and play. Some people play video games, I play dress up ( and so does my dog Elton.)

Anyway, this year the tally for my wish-list is a mere $15,420. Don't you think that's justifiable? Take a look! We've got a fabulous coat that I can't stop thinking about from Preen, a luxuriously silky blouse from Donna Karan, wool twisted pants from Aminaka Wilmot ( they surprised me, I love them.) funky suede wedges from Osman Yousefzada, leather chain gloves from Causse, oh, and a Rolex, to help me tell time. Anyone want to loan me their credit card?

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